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    Happy Father's Day - A day to remember the precious gem

    First Let me wish all the Father's in ISC " Happy Father's Day - 2019".

    We see many post on Women's day, Valentine's day, Mother's day, etc, but very less on Father's day. Today I thought of just starting a thread in order to remember the most prime pillars of one's life. Who never showcased his love but always loved us beyond limits, who saw that all our needs were met. No free time, no new clothes, no off, no outing, no smile but everything he did was for the family. We would sheldom hear him speak but his words word be sharp & to the point.

    Now I would like the ISCians to post one incident where at that point of time felt, he was harsh on you but now when you think, was the best lesson learned.
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    Happy father's day to all of you.

    My father is ideal for me. I remember when was going far from home to study engineering. He was with me to check the hostel and when he went back he was crying as worried for me how would I be able to survive alone in the hostel.

    He was harsh on us when we had exams but that was okay when I think now because every parent does that.


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    Wishing all the Fathers in ISC a very Happy Father's Day! I agree with the author that while we are very vocal about mothers, we do not give that much importance to the role of a father.

    As for an incident that the author has sought for, except for maybe one or two rare occasions, I don't remember my father being harsh with me ever. His mere silence was enough to convey his mind and such moments used to hurt me a lot and make me think where I had gone wrong.

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    Happy Father's day to all the members of ISC. Though generally the sacrifice and contribution of mother is always rated high in comparison but father has also a great role in the life of the child.

    My father being from a humble background always told me to honour and respect money in our life and motivated me to take up higher education and not worry for the finances. I knew that he will restrict on his expenses to see me going up in the educational ladder. I left my home to pursue my post graduation and there I came to know that for poor students there were some scholarships. I immediately applied for the same and it was my good luck that I got that scholarship and at that time it was a good money almost meeting my 2/3rd monthly expenses. I immediately wrote to my father that he should send me only the half of the monthly expenses onwards as I got the scholarship. He was so happy from this unexpected turn of supportive events that he wrote me a letter of congratulation cum acknowledgement of my good marks in my graduation based on which these scholarships were finalised. I still remember his letter that was full of joy of a father seeing his son progressing in the career.

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    Happy Father's Day to all the dad's on ISC.

    My father was a self-made man, one of ten children; he fought the odds to rise above everything that could have held him back. I learnt lessons of courage, strength, determination and willpower from him. The biggest lesson he taught me was to trust my abilities. He never discouraged me and always egged me to dream big and not give up on those dreams.

    I never saw him lose his temper and I never gave him a reason to be tough on me. He was the most loving, gentle soul. He loved gardening and had the proverbial green fingers - the terrace of our government flat and the stairs leading to the house and the terrace were lined with his huge collection of potted plants. He was also a terrific cook and a really good singer.

    I lost him early and I wish he was around to see the way my life turned out. All that I am, I owe to my father, for if it was not for his encouragement and support I would probably not be half the person that I am.

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    Happy Father's Day to all the members of ISC. Father is always a silent well wisher of his children. He struggles hard for the well being of his children. His silence many times will make his children scary.
    My father is the role model for me in my life. My father sacrificed his education to support his mother and two younger brothers when he was in intermediate as his father expired due to illness. He discontinued his studies and settled for a small job to take care of his family. As usual his brothers got separated once they started earning. Then my father has to take care of our family with his low salary. He always used to say me that we should not take loans for interest and we should limit our expenses to the income we are getting and at least a small portion of our earnings should be saved for unexpected expenses.
    I follow his words always and I have never borrowed any loans for any purpose. I used to see that some money will be there in the bank which will be handy if any unexpected expenses arise.

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    On Father's Day and on every other day, I pay my humble respect to my remarkable father who built his own life after reaching Calcutta from Faridpur District of present Bangladesh with Rs. 2.50/-, a grammar book in English and without any spare clothes (which were taken away at the border). He acquired two Master degrees, retired from a very respectable position, gave the best of education to his three children and now, at an age of 89+, is looking after himself and our mother.

    For the last three days, he is physically unwell but still possesses an indomitable spirit. Babu, get well soon.

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    Happy father's day to everyone. My father was in state Govt administrative services and he was not only sincere in his office but was also very strict in the house. We never dared to face him and whatever we wanted we got it through our mother. He always required order and discipline in the house. I remember he used to come late from the office and when the bell rang we used to tell each other to go and open the door. Finally one of us went to open the door only afraid of if he asks something related to the order in the house. Many times we used to see him after 2-3 days as we went to bed before he reached home. Once it was Diwali time and we were having fun with friends outside and my father was also standing nearby. Suddenly some pebbles were thrown on us from his side but we could not make out who it was. Later we came to know that it was actually dad having fun in his own way.
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    I am a day late in wishing all the father's here A very happy Father's Day!
    For me, my father is silent support who always trust me. I still remember my childhood days when my grandmother was keen to teach me cooking but my father allowed me to play cricket with cousins.
    Even after arguing a lot, my grandmother didn't change her views, he decided to send me to a hostel. I cried a lot but he just said, "It is good for you beta!". I was in a hostel for 14 long years and yes, then I realized that it was good for me.
    Now I am married and a mother, but still I feel like a child when I am with him and he still explains the things as if I am a child.


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    Sorry for my belated response to this thread, I was on the road. I mean I was moving from my village to Bengaluru yesterday in my car. Hence there was no time to read this thread.

    " Happy Father's Day'.

    My mother reached heaven when I was seven. It was my father who played the role of my mother. He was my best teacher. He left the earth at 88. I still remember his oral teachings. I teach the same to my children. He was a master and a hard worker. I never saw him sitting idle at home. While at work, he will be with his tools, and while at home, he will be with some books. He was a lover of music and used to sing well. I learned Ramayanam, Mahabharatham and a lot of moral stories as bed time stories from him. I have great respect for my father. What I am today is the gift of my father. I owe a lot to him.

    'Happy Father's day'.

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