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    Encephalitis kills 65 in Bihar this year.

    As many as 53 children, with AES like symptoms, were admitted to the two hospitals on Saturday. These children were brought from various parts of the district namely East Champaran, West Champaran, Sitamarhi, Sheohar, Vaishali, and Samastipur districts. District authorities said that the children were suffering from high and irregular fever, vomiting, seizures, and acute headaches.

    It is said that this disease is caused by eating lychee so doctors have advised not to eat them. It's upsetting that the government is still not being able to stop it after seeing the deaths of so many kids. It's essential that the official should open their eyes and stop this death trolls.
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    Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain tissue accompanied by fever and headache. The reason of inflammation is attributed to the fighting of body with the virus. It is generally a viral infection though in rare cases could be of bacterial origin also. It is a serious condition and life threatening ailment and requires hospitalisation. Supportive care is the main line of treatment and many times the severity of infection reduces in a weeks time but coming back to normal takes significant time. I think and hope that Bihar medical services will contain this deadly disease soon so that no more mortality happens there.
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    It is unfortunate that so many people are getting troubled suffered from this deadly disease. Awareness among the people regarding the importance of good eating habits is to be brought in. The government and the health department should make good efforts to contain this killer disease.
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    As per the latest news the fatalities are increasing and there are many deaths of the children. It seems that in absence of any concrete treatment for this deadly disease the fatalities are increasing. The lack of infra structure facilities in such an alarming situation is also a factor creating more problems for the doctors.
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    It's definitely fault of both the center and state Govt. as far as negligence in providing enough medical equipments is concerned. Also, it's shameful that the Govt. took cognizance many days after this tragedy began to happen. The worst part is the attitude of our ministers. The way these ministers have answered the questions were full of ego and arrogance and that can never be tolerated no matter whoever is in power. It's time where Prime Minister's Office shall also take cognizance of the matter and also took action against the ministers who behaved in insensitive and rude manner.
    It's also responsibility and failure of Nitishkumar Govt. to provide basic health facilities in the state and Nitishkumar is also supposed to take action against his health Minister who also made insensitive and arrogant statements instead of focusing on the situation and solve this issue.

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    The death toll has now risen to 110 and the actual figures may be more since there may be many unreported cases from the remote areas. Deaths due to encephalitis has become a regular feature in Bihar for almost three decades now. Though the authorities claim that they could bring down the death toll, the disheartening part is that the actual cause of this disease still remains a mystery. Governments keep their eyes shut until the onset of summer and start their action, which is grossly inadequate, only when the death chart starts counting. Since the disease is restricted to certain areas only, I, as a layman, feel that it should be easier for the authorities to detect the actual cause.
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    The Lancet Global Health team found a connection between consumption of lichee and AES deaths. The lichee fruit contains an unusual combination of Amino acids that disrupts the glucose production leading to hypoglycemia which can in turn aggravate AES infection with fatal consequences.

    Children should not go to sleep with empty stomach at night and eat the lichee fallen on the ground next day.

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