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    I would rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not done.

    It is a general habit that people always say that if they would had done like that they would have benefited or become successful in their life. We all make this type of statements in our life and blame our not attempting or not doing certain things in the past.

    In fact, we should analyse only those things which we have actually attempted and now want to understand where we went wrong. Instead of doing that we are simply imagining that if we would had done like that then what would have happened. This type of imagination is of no use to us.

    I think there is no need to regret for what we have not attempted. What do you think about this?
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    I think it is human nature that we also analyse the things which we could have attempted but could not due to whatever reasons though there is no practical utility of doing that. It is also interesting to note that we compare our performances with others without attempting what they had already done. This is another mistake we do time to time.
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    Isn't something that we did not do, also something that we did? In choosing to not do something, we did make a choice and take a concrete step of not doing something.

    Regrets are fine as long as they are used to analyse ways to rectify the things that went wrong and to not repeat those mistakes. Regrets about things we did not do and should have done are also fine for all practical purposes. It gives us a better insight into why things didn't work out as planned. I think it provides a broader view of how we should plan our next move.

    In my opinion, both are important, provided we use them to improve and not as an excuse to explain our failures.

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    We often think a lot of the things that we have done and go climbing after being done.
    Take an example of an argument or presentation, we say or skip many things at that time but later when we sit in one place, we tend to think about what we should have said to his this or that question or what I should have skipped but I spoke. This is the normal behaviour of people.

    The thing we do or don't do solely depend on situations that we have faced. Many a time we lack faith in ourselves and do not attempt to do a thing. This later can be a regret, when we sit and think but the time has passed. These regrets or attempts we made give us a better understanding of the situations and make us strong in future. It all depends upon ourselves.

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    It is always about making the correct choice. When you have a choice everybody will try to take the best suitable choice and get the maximum benefit out of it. When we go to writing an examination., there will be some choices. You may be asked to write answers for two questions from the three questions given. The student has to select the questions for which he can give good answers. After coming out of the examination sometimes the students may feel that might have attempted the other question. I think this is natural. One way it is good we can understand why we have gone for the wrong choice. Then onward we may think more we may take a better choice.
    In fact the past we should analyse only to avoid repetition and doing more mistakes. But sitting and thinking only about the past is a waste and will never bring any success.

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    I agree with Juana that something we do not do is also something we do. Not doing something we should have done is actually something we do, by choice or otherwise. So, when we analyse ourselves, I think, we need to take into consideration what we have done, what we should have done and what we should not have done; only then would we be able to come to a proper and fair conclusion. I am of the opinion that there is no point regretting about the past; realizing our flaws and taking corrective measures is the real solution. Decisions depend on so many factors and such factors differ with time and situations. Therefore, our thoughts must be based on the present with the past and future as supporting factors, the past to analyse and the future to take corrective measures.
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    Yes, it happens with most of us. We regret for the things which we could not do maybe due to lack of knowledge or anything else. It's a very normal phenomenon to curse yourself for it at the end. In exams, we do our best but when the results come we regret that if we had solved that question that way we would have got more marks but that doesn't happen because the time has already gone and we cannot bring the time back. Instead of regretting what we should do is to take a lesson from it and try to improve yourself in the future and let yourself not regret in future.

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