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    What is the importance of quotes as footnotes?

    In today's world, in many interactive sites, blogs and even emails, I see people increasingly use quotes as a footnote at the end of their post or message. At ISC too, many members and the admin team use these.

    Many of these quotes or comments are motivational in general, some well know proverbs, some assertive, some even very bold and eye-catching.

    What is the value of these quotes? is it a reflection of us in the virtual world, a hint of our attitude or strong beliefs, a means to share something we like or just a trend in social and educational interactions?
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    Generally people mention quote of their choice below their post. It is a common practice. Some people follow some mantra in their life, they put the same thing there. Some people are motivated by some quote and they mention it below their submissions. The quote sometimes reflects the thinking of the person also.
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    These days it is a fashion to tell something about us in a special way and as brief, as possible. For this, these footnotes will be a place where we can mention our attitude or rules we follow or what are our special characters etc. When we read the footnote we may be able to have some idea about the author. Sometime the choice may not be correct and hence our inference about the person by reading the footnote may go wrong. So all depends on the writer. If he is not able to decide on the exact word he wanted to use, he may end up with a different word and that will give completely a different picture about him to the readers.
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    Firstly, you can say, it's a trend.
    Secondly, These are an eye catcher. Same as window shopping. You tend to read it, even though you skip the article.

    The footnotes are normally a quote, verse, proverbs which the person found inspiring, motivating or even giving out a message. Many people use inspirational quotes, some use good verse form religious or other books, while some use it convey an event or incident that want others to know.

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