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    Becoming a prospective employee in the mid forties!

    Due to the complex interaction with market forces, cash crunch and stiff competition, dropping revenues, downsizing, mergers, the unthinkable is happening to the salaried class in India. The reality of needing to look for a job just we are inching towards a well-settled career.

    This is not a mid-life crisis, this is the reality for some people. Attractive promotions, hike in salary especially in the private sector is a dream for many employees.

    In the mid-forties, some feel that they are past their prime, their productivity is lesser comparatively, some become very conservative and avoid taking any risks even if they are stuck in a low-paying job. Based on what has happened to me and many friends, experience (beyond 5-10 yrs) does not carry the value that it had a decade ago.

    I personally feel an employee who feels he/she is well settled in a company (more so private sector) needs to keep this in the back of the mind and be prepared rather than allowing it to become a nasty surprise.
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    I thought this was happening only in the IT sector, surprised to know that it is the case everywhere. I live in a society that is occupied predominantly by IT professionals. They are surprised if they are not given the pink slip by the time they reach their fortieth birthday.

    It is sad because once that happens everything begins to go downhill. If they were smart enough to have invested smartly they remain financially secure, and life becomes a living hell where they have made big purchases and have huge loans to repay.

    Families are destroyed - it doesn't help if the wife is working, because then it hurts the stay at home man's ego. The neighbours rub it in and make it worse.

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    Due to a large number of qualified people coming out of the universities and educational institutions it is natural that job conditions will worsen and due to stiff competition in the working levels the smooth career growth is a thing of past. This situation is going to stay and career growth will be an issue in coming times also.
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    During earlier days continuing in one organization for longer years is considered as positive aspect in the candidates profile. Whereas now a person working in the same organization for more number of years is being considered as NPC [Non performing candidature]. The organizations when recruit a candidate for a senior position look for a candidate with varied experience and different domains.

    Retirement functions these days can be seen only in Government Offices not even Public Sector Companies. The turn over in Public Sector is also on the increase. In earlier days job security among the candidate was the prime concern. The present generation is mostly looking at competitive package and work environment.

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    Due to more people for few jobs have given the employees a good chance to target the employers. It is often seen that the working hours are more but the money is less. It often make the worker raise his voice but the only reason we hear from them is, "Many people are ready to work in half your salary, if you don't want to work, can resign and leave". This awaken the problem, especially for the mid- forties or fifties age group. As the pass out percentage is increasing year by year, the company prefer younger people for the work.
    The mid generation need to think beyond their normal salary & also have to find alternatives, in order to survive in this fast paced & changing working scenario.
    People in mid forties or fifties need to be updated with modern technology, new innovations, new skills & invest wisefly for future.

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    It's not easy for people to search for a new job who are in their mid-forties due to many reasons mainly because they are not efficient than the younger generation, also they don't know about the latest technology. It's better that they should update their knowledge and skills timely to match up with the youngsters.

    I also suggest that people who are in mid-forties should think twice before leaving their present job because it's assumed that they are well settled in their present job and it's very risky if they go for a change because they usually go for a higher position and if the management doesn't see a short term benefits of them its likely they will question about their contribution to the company.


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    True. There are many problems for people working in private Organisations. Because of the wrong decisions taken by the top people some times, the organisation suffers a big blow. In such cases, they will try to find with some employees and try to penalise them. We see many companies getting closer. The prompter will never suffer. He will be always safe and he knows how to make him rich irrespective of the performance of the organisation. But people working there will suffer a lot.
    More people and fewer jobs. This situation is the root cause of all this problem. We know if the material is more in the market the demand will come down. When some managements tried to close down their operations, they never think of the problems that are faced by the workforce. If anybody talks they whar ever is to be paid legally pay and get rid off them. It is the tendency.

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