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    There is no point in dreaming big if we cannot exert for it.

    Dreaming big is a good thing and it is the common trait of the ambitious people. This is supposed to be the starting point for attaining success in our life. I have a feeling that dreaming big is a good thing only when we can make efforts to achieve it. Otherwise it is an imaginary exercise to keep ourselves happy in the present. The main thing in life is to commensurate efforts for the intended objectives. Without that we do not achieve anything.

    Do you agree with this? What is your viewpoint on this?
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    Being ambitious and dreaming big is a good trait as it motivates us to work hard to get the goals. At the same time if a person has no inclination and will towards hard work and persistent follow up and continue working for the intended objectives then it is a disaster. Ambition without working for it has no meaning. It is just a dream which gets shattered once we open our eyes.
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    True. What is the use in deciding very high targets if you are not sincerely trying to complete your targets within the time frame given? Same is the case with dreaming also. You want to become a doctor. The day one you decided on this you should start working towards that goal. Otherwise, we fail in making our dream a reality.
    We can't get easy money in any way unless otherwise, you go for unlawful activities. That is no correct. So you should work hard and see that you will get the required education, then income. So please be always have the ambition and work towards the attainment of the goal. You will be successful in your journey of life.

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    It is correct. If there is no effort to pursue the dreams there is no point in just dreaming because it will remain a dream only. It is good to dream which shows that you have the desire to reach a certain level. But to achieve anything you need to work hard, it is like walking along the road to reach your destination. You just cannot think to reach the destination and sit idle. You have to travel to reach your destination. Similarly, just dreaming will not solve any purpose. For a moment you may be excited because of your high ambition but as long as you are not working towards the direction of your ambition you will not be able to reach there. You must dream which will carry you forward in life. If you do not pursue your dreams it indicates either you are not serious about your dreams or you are confused about your future course of action.

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    Yes, absolutely the first step to get success in life is to think big and make a plan of it and execute it.

    It happens that we think high but we don't put the efforts to accomplish that dream and fail. We should not just dream but should work hard for it just thinking high and making no or fewer efforts for it is not going to get us anywhere.


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    You are absolutely true and My viewpoint is not different from yours. If we dream big we have to strive for it and we can't wait for success to come running towards us without exerting efforts for achieving it.

    A person who dreams big, his efforts should also be well calculated and persistent. Hard work or burning mid night oil is a must to achieve one's dreams. One can't only dream to get his dreams fulfilled! Life is a struggle and success can't be achieved by dreaming only. One has to be practical in life and strive hard to make your dreams come true.

    The journey to success sometimes becomes difficult but persistence and one's resolve to overcome all obstacles certainly bear fruits. One may not achieve his goal in the first attempt that is not a problem at all. He can try again to get through and get success.

    So chase your dreams as a thirsty person who looks to quench his thirst. Not getting success is not a failure but giving up is! So, dream big to get big!

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    I am reminded of a quote by Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam, 'Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep'. So, as the author has rightly said, dreaming to make it big or to become successful itself will not take one anywhere; one has to have the will to make it and should be ready to put in all his efforts to achieve what he dreams. Dreams that one has about his life is different from the dreams we get during our sleep and it is again different from the castles we build in our minds when we are awake. We should be able to 'convert our dreams into thoughts and thoughts into actions' (Dr Kalam). Our aspirations and ambitions would materialise only if we are committed to it and are ready to work hard towards achieving success.
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    I don't know if there is really a difference but I categorise them into two distinctive types - dreams and fantasies.

    Dreams include the things that we want for ourselves. We visualise those things happening in the future. They are about our aspirations, ambitions and successes. We see a future in our dreams and we work to make it a reality.

    Fantasies are elusive, we hope for those things, but we don't want them bad enough to go after them. It is more like, 'I wish I had…' and then just stop at that. Fantasies are not accompanied by constructive plans, whereas dreams are.

    So those who dream go after those dreams and make them a reality, or at least give it their best shot. Those who fantasise just live in a make-believe world.

    Sometimes all our efforts fail to give us results, but that shouldn't be looked upon as a failure. Maybe our best wasn't good enough, maybe someone else was better than us.

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