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    Why can’t he take oath in Hindi?

    Kerala MP, K Suresh took oath in Hindi as a member of 17th Lok Sabha.

    It is reported that angry Congress Party Chairperson Mrs Sonia Gandhi scolded him and asked him couldn't he have taken the oath in his mother tongue.
    Why Congress Party is perturbed by seeing an MP from Kerala taking Oath in Hindi, the national language?

    It is sad that Indian National Congress Party is still following the divisive politics even after the serious drubbing in the recent election.
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    K.Suresh from Kerala is an MP. He took his oath as MP in Hindi. His mother tongue should be Malayalam. The Congress Chair Person Ms Sonia Gandhi scolded him for his actions. Why she scolded him is not know. Hindi is our National Language and there is no harm in taking oath in that language. They can use English, Hindi or their mother tongue for taking the oath. Many people do that in Hindi. Some may use English. Sonia Gandhi shouldn't have done it. Probably she wanted to attract South voters by telling them that Congress is not interested in forcing the Hindi Language to the people who are not interested in that Language. We know many from South are against imposing Hindi on them.
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    I just need to correct the writer about the fact about our national language.
    As per Article 343 of the Constitution of India, India's has a total of 22 official languages today (excluding English). However, India does not have a national language. So saying Hindi as National language is not correct. Majority of people have accepted Hindi as a national language and many speak Hindi and write in Devanagari script, but it's not officially the national language, this is because the Constitution has given Hindi the status of the official language and not the national language.

    Now coming to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi scolding the MP for not taking oath in Malayalam, his mother tongue, should not have being encouraged as everyone has the freedom to use the language, he/she is comfortable & that should solely be his/her decision.

    It has nothing to do with language or region (south) as many say south are not good in Hindi. Yes, they may not be able to speak / write well in hindi but to tell you, in Kerala, the 2nd language in schools is Hindi. As hindi is not used much, they tend to forget or reluctant to speak.

    Even though UPA play such game, people are more open & know the truth. Even Keralites want a person/ Mp who can speak or understand Hindi, as he/she will be able to present the issues of people in the parliament in a good & profound manner.

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    Language shouldn't be a matter to take the oath. MPs can take oath in any language preferred by them. It can be English or Hindi or Mother's tongue. Why should Sonia scold?
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    One is free to take oath in his language of choice. There is no compulsion on that. The party leaders should not make it an issue. All the languages belonging to our country are a thing of respect. We are a sovereign democratic republic consisting of so many states with different way of living and different languages and we are united even in that diversity so we should respect the feelings of each of the state in this regard and welcome the leaders to take oath in any language.
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    It is true that Hindi is one of the national language and one has a right to choose it for taking oath. We should not make it an issue because commenting on someones language is in bad taste. Every language has same value for its user. I fully agree that we must respect all the languages of our country.
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    In the recent controversy on draft NEP, many non-BJP ruled states have found an excellent opportunity in opposing BJP using a very sensitive issue-language.
    As the four southern states and W Bengal are seen to be not supporting BJP, Congress, which has now been made a South India states party has used the situation. Kerala which has all but one MP from the Congress led UDF thus is focus to Sonia.

    The irony is that while the Kerala MP s with an eagerness to show their loyalty to Sonia-Rahul High command and trying to catch their attention, prepared their oath in Hindi.

    K. Suresh was rumoured (by Malayalam media) to be a possible candidate to be opposition leader or at least leader of Congress Parliamentary party. Hence he and his likes wanted to show that they are eligible for that post as they knew Hindi. That is why they prepared the oath in Hindi.

    Unfortunately it backfired as Sonia had other ideas. Sonia wanted to show her solidarity with non-BJP ruled states especially the south states and W Bengal who oppose Hindi. She thus wanted to score a few points.
    The Kerala MPs had to cut a sorry face for that.

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    I just cannot believe this piece of news. Nowhere in the prime media, this was reported. If this indeed happened, it is wrong on the part of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.
    Hindi is not the national language of India. This was discussed many times and clarified in this forum. It is one of the official languages along with English. I am surprised that some learned members of the forum still under the illusion that Hindi is the national language of India.

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    Let us, first of all, accept the fact that the BJP has plans to impose Hindi across India and to register its status as the National Language and the Congress does not, for whatever reasons, support this move. Keeping this background in mind, why should we expect Sonia Gandhi to be happy when an MP from the South takes the oath in Hindi? Though the media has widely publicized that Smt Sonia scolded Shri Kodikkunnil, the fact is that she asked him why he did not take the oath in his mother-tongue (Malayalam) or in English thereby expressing her displeasure (only) over his move.

    Her reaction may be politically motivated but so was the thumping on the desks by the ruling front when he took the oath in Hindi.

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    Mrs. Sonia Gandhi's remark is widely reported in all leading newspapers of Kerala.
    It is wrong on my part that I mentioned Hindi as a National language instead of official language. But I consider Congress party is a National party and not official party of Kerala. Congress Chairperson should not speak just like leaders of DMKs of Tamil Nadu.

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    Politicians are playing politics with the sentiments of the people. They make use of religion, caste, Language etc., for their benefit. We are forgetting the nationalism and the Country. People are more concerned about their States, their language. It is a fact that we do not have a National Language and it is a shame on us. Even after 72 years of independence we could not announce our National Language. Each state is fighting for their local language and not bothered about the Country. Most of the Countries in the world have their National Language. Hindi is spoken by majority of the people in the Country. Therefore Hindi should be declared as National Language.

    We should not force people to learn any language. It is should come from their heart in learning the language where they live. Whether it is a Country or the State. We need to appreciate the MP from Kerala taking oath in Hindi. Congress is playing politics even in Language.

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    Neeraj and Krishnadas, the displeasure expressed by Sonia Gandhi is for sure politically motivated but why no one is giving it a thought as to why the members from the ruling benches chose to thump the desks when the MP from Kerala took his oath in Hindi? Could the thumping be a reason for Sonia to feel agitated? And what prompted the ruling bench to resort to such a reaction? Was it because an MP from the South was speaking in Hindi?

    Krishnadas, I am not against a declaration of Hindi as the National Language, but are you sure that the majority of the people in the country speak Hindi? They may know Hindi but to say that they all speak or communicate in Hindi would not, I feel, be correct.

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    Thumping the desk when an MP from Kerala taking oath in Hindi is not a new incident in Parliament. I remember, in 2013, Kerala opposition leader Mr Ramesh Chenitala made a surprise speech in Parliament in Hindi during a debate and stunned everybody. Many leaders cutting across political parties thumped on the desk and complimented him. Even, Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav declared him as Hindi man of the year!

    Scolding an MP for taking oath in Hindi is nothing but duplicity.

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    This is also a political move. When BJP wants Hindi to be the national language and encourage people to use it more frequently and whereas Congress being the opposition party will definitely oppose it.

    I have not read the new anywhere in the media and request the author to provide us with the link.


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    He can definitely take the oath in Hindi if he is conversant with that language. The problem with the politicians is they are expert in politicizing issues. The displeasure of Ms Gandhi is well understood because Congress has to stay relevant after its poll debacle. The southern states opposed the idea of making Hindi compulsory in schools. The people of the southern states tend to think that Hindi is imposed on them and that's why to show solidarity with the people of those states the chairperson of the Congress party has shown her displeasure when an MP of her party took oath in Hindi. Every political party is concerned about its vote bank and plan things accordingly to remain popular.

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