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    How can we repay to mother Earth?

    Nature has bestowed on us all the natural things required for our survival and we are enjoying in the lap of mother Earth having all the natural resources from air to water. It is all free to us and sufficient even for our generations if we preserve it and use judiciously. Unfortunately we are not conserving these resources and over and above we are polluting our environment and degrading it further.

    It is high time that we should stop all sort of activities which are harming our eco-sphere and creating dark conditions for the future generations. We have to repay the mother Earth in some form by adopting to good environmental practices and contributing for the well being of our habitat.

    How can we repay to mother Earth?
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    There are many ways to repay to earth.
    Planting trees in a way to give back something to mother earth. To have our own house, we are all cutting the trees and constructing the buildings there. So the trees are reducing day by day. To compensate these losses we should plant new trees and nurture them and see that they will survive and give fruits to our next generations.
    Conserve water. Already we have started purchasing drinking water and partially sometimes we are purchasing normal water also. We should see that water is conserved and there should not be any need to purify the water. Water management is an important issue and a subject on its own. Human beings should see that groundwater levels are increases and there is no pollution in water.
    Public transport or pooled vehicles are to be used. Private cars usage is to be decreased. By doing such acts we will be protecting the mother earth for the next generation.

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    There are many ways in which we can repay our mother Earth or to put it the other way, make our land worth living for the future generations. Some of the ways are :
    1. Using less plastic - We can use alternatives like paper, cloth, etc as plastic takes years to degrade.
    2. Planting trees - Due to urbanisation, the number of trees per area is very less to the one we had earlier. This can be felt by the scouring rise of mercury.
    3. Saving Water - We need to find means in saving water, from storm water harvest, to minimising the wastage.
    4. 3 R- Recycling reduce reuse - We need to use the 3R system in our day to day life.
    5. Pollution - Pollution in any form need to be controlled by using solar, wind, biogas & less vehicle.

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    We all revere nature is our mother. It is the bounder duty of every person on the earth to protect and preserve the nature. We are all well aware that destruction of environment is taking place in different parts of the Country as well as in other parts of the world too.

    We need to do our bit for protecting and improving the conditions. Planting more and more trees will go long way and help the future generation. We need to avoid use of plastic which is causing adverse affects on the earth as well on the living creatures on the earth.

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