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    Every accused is not a culprit, they face false blame too.

    Is it time to think whether we are actually moving towards a society which does not discriminate between genders? While empowerment of women and the call for gender equality is gaining momentum, is another sort of discrimination gaining ground? Are men being discriminated against women? How should we deal with cases of false accusation against men?

    In India #MenToo movement is gradually picking up, and why shouldn't it be? Every person has a right to a respectable life and no one else has the right to oppose it. Gender discrimination has played a demeaning role in our country. The worst victim of it is the females, but now when some change is taking place to uplift the condition of the women, the men are facing backlash.

    In many cases, the police, the judiciary and the people around are blindly against men, which is ridiculous. Men are fathers, uncles, brothers, brothers-in-law, sons, nephews, friends, colleagues and neighbours too, how can all the men be blamed just because they are males. False domestic violence cases, fake rape cases, women murderers, acid attack by women and what not in which women are the conspirators and not the victims. When the Indian society is going through such a phase, then justice should not be determined on a gender basis.

    Giving importance to one woman with wrong ideas, police and judiciary are ruining the lives of innocent mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, female friends, and so on. It's high time that we Indians behave like good samaritans, and so our custodians of law should come up with gender-neutral laws and must deal with the culprits strictly while protecting the accused who may be innocent victims.
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    The innocents should not be punished in any way. It is true that there are many false accusations these days and men are unnecessarily harassed. As long as the accusations are not proved the accused are not the culprit. Though they may stay behind bars during the period of trial, but when innocent men are framed by women they really face a harrowing time. Men are victimised in certain ways because of some provisions in the law and because of these, there were some modifications effected regarding the arrest of the husband and in-laws pertaining to section 498A. In any country, the laws cannot be biased and must be gender-neutral. There is no denying that harassment of women has increased manifold and there are false cases registered too against men for some monetary gains. The judiciary must look into these cases and find out ways so that this unnecessary harassment reduces. One way of reducing this may be to punish women who falsely implicate men for certain advantages. Whether it's a crime or a false accusation there must be a punishment for both the cases so that both of these can be reduced. Though the procedure of implementing these measures may be difficult, ways must be found so that innocent men are not harassed in any way.

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    The laws are made with certain purpose and objectives. But some unscrupulous people are misusing the law and the legal system. Media is one step ahead. Before the courts passes its judgment, media does maximum damage on the reputation of person. Media should follow certain ethics and restraint. The harm caused by them cannot be restored by any means. In many cases people are falsely implicated.
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    As mentioned, Media plays a big role in defaming a person. Everyone knows that till a crime is charged or verdict given, the accused should not be mentioned as acrimal but the media does this major of time.
    There are many cases where a female give or file a false FIR or allegation on male counterpart, They misuse their rights & blackmail them. It's not that everyone does this but due to some, many are taken for granted as coming under same category. The law & order should be same for all & if any implementation or amendment of law is made, should be such that they close the loop holes first, so as to bring the best out of it.

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    It is 100% true that all accused are not culprits. They are accused only. The Law will decide whether he is a culprit or not. But unfortunately men in many cases are taken granted as the culprits in all harassment cases and they talk easily about the men involved.
    Once a complaint is lodged by a lady against a person. 99% will decide that the man is the culprit. Without going into the details and without finding the facts deciding a particular person as the culprit can't be acceptable.
    In our village during my childhood days, there was a merchant. He has a wife and 5 children. This merchant used to go to his shop at 6 AM and used to come back only in the night after 10 PM. All the time he was in the shop and earning money. Afternoon box was going for his lunch. But by the time he comes back in the night, there will not be any food in the house. Children and Mother used to complete their dinner and go for sleep. Most of the days he was going foodless in the night. He used to come and eat something in our house as they were our neighbours. Whenever we ask his wife why there is no food for her husband she used to say the children ate more than expected. Oneday it can be the case. But not every day. By any chance, if he comes early from the shop she used to scold him and send him back to shop. I know some more cases where husbands are getting harassed by their wives.
    So we should not go with the perceived concept that always men are at fault. I agree fully with the author.

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    Every accused is not a culprit but all accused are not innocent! Judiciary, police and other organs have to be careful while dealing with these cases. In the name of women empowerment, men should not suffer gender discrimination.

    Man and women are two important but equal entity. One can not be discriminated for other or male cannot be disrespected for fake accusation and vice-versa. If a man is a right hand, a woman is left. None can be disrespected and both deserve the honor and respect.

    Lot is happening to uplift the women empowerment in the country which is good but empowering women should not make man the scapegoat and unnecessarily drag men to courts. Men equally deserve respect as much as women.

    In providing justice we cannot discriminate either a man or women! Nor can either a man or women fabricate each other in false cases. But those who are proved guilty must be punished, be that a man or a woman.

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