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    Importance of reading speed for the students.

    Our children are reading their text books and doing their home work as a routine during their study hours. Eery child has his own reading speed. Some read slowly while some are quick to grasp and read fast. Reading speed is a crucial factor and determines the time a student takes in grasping things. There is an optimal level of reading speed where comprehension is done effectively. A slow speed will be good to understand the subject but will waste some time in the entire process. At the same time a fast speed may appear impressive but mind will not be able to capture and absorb so much in so less a time.

    Have you considered any time the reading speed of your child? Do you feel that it is an important factor in studies? Please share your views.
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    The speed in study depends from child to child. One may have high grasping power, so once if he reads can understand, whereas others take time to understand, so may need to read it twice or more. Speedy reading is not important when it comes to understanding a concept or accepting it.
    I use to teach my nephews & I found that one would read it fast but if I ask him the spelling or ask him to spell, he would do it. The second one would take time to read & aslo was slow to grasp. Both were equally good in studies but both had different way of their own.
    It is important to read, learn & keep it in one's mind then just reading it.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    I think speed will get adjusted automatically based on the calibre of the child and his acquaintance with the language used. Reading is to understand. Just going through the lines can't be taken as reading. Reading and understanding should go simultaneously. So if one has a quick grasping power, the may get the subject fast and the other may be slow. Hence what one has to do is he has to take his own time to read and understand the subject. This is where the difference comes. A person who studied for an hour day can get better marks than a boy we studied for more than an hour a day.
    I feel speeding read is not important but understanding the subject is more important. But the students by his own efforts will understand what is the speed he requires if he has to understand the subject and manage that speed very easily.

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    It will vary from child to child but as a parent we should take care about this crucial element called reading speed. If the child is slow in reading then he will take time in learning things. So with time it is required that child should increase his reading speed in the sense that he should stop only where there is difficulty in understanding otherwise he can go ahead in a good pace to utilise the time effectively.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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