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    One Nation, One Election - Is it realistic in a democratic India

    Our Prime minister Mr Modi has called a meeting of the presidents of all political parties to discuss the idea of 'one nation, one election' in June 2019. The left (CPI M) have raised their opposition on this concept, stating it as unrealistic, undemocratic and against the principle of federalism.
    Mr S. Ramachandran Pillai of the CPI(M) said that it is not only impractical but is an overturn of the democratic right. Others say that the BJP government want to impose "one nation, one culture, one nation, one language and also that the move would necessitate an amendment to Constitution".
    - Do you think it should be a welcome move?
    - Can it be of help to people or the government?
    - What will be the effect on people & the ruling party?
    - What is the amendment required - its pros and cons?

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    Whenever a good move is proposed by the ruling party (whichever it is), the opposition starts raising their doubts and apprehension on the basic plea that it will end the democracy in this country. It is ridiculous but it happens. History is full of such instances. We must first understand the basic idea behind the proposal and how it is going to save the Govt exchequer as well as help in streamlining the election process in the country. If it has merit then there is no harm in appreciating it rather simply condemning it because the ruling party is proposing it. I think if we want to develop and compete with the developed countries then it is high time that we should have a constructive opposition having a positive undercurrent in their arguments.
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    One Nation and one election is a good concept. If the elections for all the states and centre conducted at the same time there will be a good saving on the money. in earlier days the elections were happening at one time only for both Assembly and Parliament. I feel no specific amendment is required for this. The people will not lose anything because of this and tax payer's money will be saved from getting wasted and that money can be used for other useful works.
    In our country, it is always a rule that if the government says YES the opposition should say NO only. For anything and everything, the opposition should oppose the government. This is the concept. A particular issue should be viewed as a view but not a view proposed by the government. This is never happening in our country. As long as this continues we can't have good governance and we will suffer always.

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