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    Why all private schools can't be banned?

    The Government is spending a lot of money on primary education and they are encouraging the students to come and join the government schools. But parents are not willing to admit their wards in government schools. Even though fees are very high, rich parents are putting their children in corporate schools. Middle class and even poor people are also trying to admit them in private schools where fees are not very high. The effect is that the admissions to government schools are less and many schools are with only teachers but not with enough students.
    As there is an alternative people are going for private schools. If the government takes a decision of banning all private schools, all the parents including rich should admit their children in government schools only. This will make all the children to study together which will bring good rapport among all the people.
    What are the views of the members on this?
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    Will you leave your house and go live in a low-income group locality because that is where the poor live? Are you willing to take that step so there is a rapport between all the people?
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    There are many things which government have to ban but they sheldom do it as they the one who pay the government more in one or the other form. Government schools can be encouraged, only if government takes measure like :
    - Changing Vernacular medium to english medium schools.
    - Providing good facilities & infrastructure in schools like the private schools are having.
    - Appointing good teachers & staff than recruiting or favoring people of their caste or support.
    - Updating the syllabus according to the current requirement.
    - Monitoring the schools regularly & providing the basic necessities of children & staff.

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    The question here is not that you do it or I do it.The question is that whether the government will do that or not
    Whether we like it or not if the
    Government bans we have no alternative.Are we not paying tax?

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    The Government cannot provide schooling facilities to all the children in the country. Without private participation, it is not at all possible to provide educational facilities to all the children in a populous country like India. The Government should try to control the tuition fees and other fees collected by the private institutions.
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    Why should the Government ban all private schools when they are performing much better than the Govt institutions. Spending money on educational institutions is not the only thing that should be done by Government, they need much more than spending money. Mostly Government schools are underperforming and not give quality education to students. Yes, there are Government schemes for providing better education but lack implementations. All the government schools may not be underperforming but most schools lack proper education for students. Therefore, we can't think of banning government schools. Even govt is not confident of their institution, how can they take this step?

    When Government schools don't provide better education poor and middle class mostly suffer for not getting a better education.
    While private schools are demanding good about of fee and obviously poor people can't afford it so opt govt schools.

    While here in our state, we have private schools working under Jamat-i-islami with the name FAT( Falahee Aam Trust) across the state where teachers get only 4000 to 7000 Rs as a salary and poor or rich both category of students study here. These teachers work with dedication and hard work. And these Govt schools are here are far behind in providing better education from these FAT schools. Students are passing with flying colours in these schools. When they are performing better why should we ban these institutions. And there are other corporate schools here even they perform better.

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    Government is giving permissions to private schools without any control. In every nook and corner you find a private schools. These schools are mostly run by politicians like corporators and MLA's. Sending children to Government school is considered as below dignity. Many middle class parents take loans from Banks and admit their children in private Schools.
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    You expect the Government to ban private schools without realising the implications. If you want to change the system then the change should start from you. The point is are you willing to give up certain privileges to encourage the harmonious living that you propose? There has to be logic behind a suggestion - banning private schools is not a viable option. My questions in the previous post highlighted the impracticality of the suggestion. If you can't live in a low-income group colony how is the general public expected to make their kids study with children from socially lower strata?

    The reality is different from what we'd like to believe. Inequality exists, and it's not going away – we can't wish it away.

    We pay taxes - but do you queue up in a Government Hospital when you're sick or do you seek the best medical treatment? We are still a developing nation and not in a position yet to have the Government provide everything. Banning educational institutions is not a feasible idea.

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    Do you know where I stay and do you know where from I came up? I am from a very low-income family studied in government schools. I am not from a rich family. Asking questions without knowing the full knowledge about the person may not be correct. Even today I go to Gandhi Hospital for treatment.
    When a question is posted you can tell your opinion? There is no rule that everyone should have the same opinion. I welcomed the opinions and anyone can differ. You need not ask me another question without telling your opinion.

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    Dr Rao: Please replace 'low-class' with 'weak economic background'. The phrase 'low-class' denotes something else.
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    Considering the facts that the Government school teachers are much more educated than private school teachers and they come through a very rigorous selection process, I feel that if the private schools are banned, there would be no difference in the standard of education. However, the Government teachers are required to be made more accountable the infrastructure in Government schools will have to be vastly improved.
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    If the Govt wants it can do it but there are implications. Whether today Govt is equipped to handle such a load of students in the available schools or it is going to open a large number of replacement schools. The practical side is very challenging. Then the question will come of the quality of education provided in the Govt schools. The parents will start complaining from day one. I think in the first step Govt should try it for only up to class 5 on experimental basis and if it is successful then only it can think for extending the scheme to higher classes. The job looks simple but there are many aspects and underlying factors which can make the scheme fail miserably and people will simply accuse Govt for the disaster. Does the present Govt system ready to take up that challenge and responsibility?
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    That will be good but the government cannot think of this because of the lack of schools and teachers in the country won't accommodate all the kids in the country. First, they will have to build a strong infrastructure then only they can think of the same otherwise the situation of admission in schools will also become like colleges where the meritorious students only will be able to get the admission.

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