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    How many of you love to sign in your mother tongue?

    Do you really love your mother tongue? If yes, do you sign in your mother tongue for official purposes like bank accounts, applications etc? I think, most of us say that we love our mother tongue but don't use it for our signature. Why? Why do we sign in English only? We Indians feel proud of signing in English, why? Why don't we give importance to our mother tongue? Is there any rule that we should affix our signature in English only?

    Sincerely respond - Do you sign in your mother tongue?
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    A signature is used to authenticate the document or work and there is no rule as to what a signature should contain. It can be a your full name, initial, etc. There is no hard and fast rule as how a signature should be. A person can use any language, design, font provided it is unique and distinct from others.
    We normally are carried by the way our parents or teachers or any celebrities sign & we tend to follow it. I remember, I liked the way my school & college principal use to sign & I have a my signature as a mixture of the two. A signature is a legal entity & thus should be selected properly. Your signature will keep on changing from your lower class to upper class (standard) & you come to term only after 10th standard when you sign your official SCC certificate which will be used as a legal documents for getting Passport & other document.

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    Till now, I have signed in English only. Though there is no such specific rule to put the signatures in English only, I do it because it became a habit. I have seen my parents and teachers sign in English and just followed that trend. Actually, we follow things minutely since our childhood and apply those things which we like in our own way. When we learn to speak a language we hear it first and follow the ways of speaking and then apply it while talking to others. During our childhood, we learned the language that is spoken by our parents and relatives because that language is always ringing in our ears and we follow them. Though we do things in our own way, maybe we love to follow the trend. This is true in most of the cases, whether one is speaking, singing or writing. At times our style of doing such things matches with that of another person whom we follow. We can do things in a different way and try it differently and then only there will be innovation. Doing things by just following others is at times boring though that is mostly the usual practice. Maybe if somebody thinks of putting the signature in her/his Mother language since adulthood and practices it regularly then it will become the habit.

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    I have to sign my name in English in the office. I have also learnt to sign in Hindi. But I have also developed my signature in Bengali (my mother tongue). Even now, I practise my Bengali signature although this is not required.
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    I have my Telugu signature. Whenever and wherever I can use that signature I use that. The problem for me is all my official documents have my signature in English. So I have to use my English signature only.
    The concept of mother tongue and loving it is not known to me when I was in my 10th class. At that time I have signed all my education applications and scholarship application in English only. So I can't change it know.
    We should use wherever possible our mother tongue only. In AP all government offices work in Telugu and they send orders in Telugu and officers sign in Telugu only. Because of the mother tongue of these people is Telugu.

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    I would love to put my signature in my mother tongue. However, English being the official language in most of the places, I need to sign in English only. That does not mean I hate signing in English. English is also a language I love, which does not necessarily mean that I hate my mother tongue or any other language for that matter. Since I usually sign in English, and have to sign a lot throughout the day, signing in English is probably more convenient than signing in my mother tongue or any other language for that matter.

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    An interesting and thought provoking post by the author. Most of us sign in English, reasons not known. It is a habit learned from our environment where most of the forms, cheque leafs, receipts etc are in English prompting us to sign in English. No one told us to sign in English. We have picked it from our elders in the family and friends outside. It was so normal for us to sign in English that we never thought why we are not signing in our mother tongue. I have seen very few people signing in their mother tongue. In fact one bank official told me that my sign should give some idea of my initials in English so that a bank person can judge the sign and correlate it from the name. I do not know how that is going to matter but we are biased towards English and even after the Britishers had left India we are still remembering them with these gestures.
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    From childhood, we have been asked to focus more on the English language. Even when we were asked to develop our signature we never thought of developing it in Hindi because we always thought it to be a secondary language. Even the parents also never asked us to focus more on the mother tongue because they too knew it that if they want us to be successful then we need to learn English better than any language.

    I have never thought of signing anything in Hindi anytime.


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    I think, we cannot change our signatures now. Because all our documents such as Adhaar,PAN,Voter ID, Ration Card, Passport, property documents, insurance policies, etc are digitized or in the process of digitization and every documents are going to be linked in future. In all your documents your signatures are verified electronically. You are not allowed to change it.
    Now, you cannot use initials with your name. Your PAN card has to display your full name. Income Tax department will not allow you to write your name with initials.
    Signatures are very important. You are not allowed to change it. If you change your signature, your identity is gone, you cannot survive in future.

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    I don't think a signature has any language. One can create a signature in any form and there are no specifications for the same except that your signature should be your unique identity and a symbolic representation of who you are. We get to see so many types of signatures in different forms and sizes. It can be in a language, can be a mixture of languages, can be mere symbols or can even be single letters. So, I don't think we need to relate our signatures to the love for our mother tongue. I think what is more important is that our signatures should be such that it cannot be copied easily.

    My grandfather used to sign in Sanskrit, my father's signature is more like an initial and my signature is a mixture of English and Malayalam. Once we have an established signature which we use in the official documents and in other correspondences, it is better not to change it.

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    Saji has said it right. A signature is not the name of that person but an identity in writing. A signature need not display the name of that person. It can be any jilebi like writing, but should be unique for that person. And it should be easy for that person to repeat it any number of times and should be difficult for others to copy and sign.

    In my signature, except the initials, my name can be seen in stylish English. I have made my initials tough to copy. In Tamil documents, I sign in Tamil.

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