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    Supreme power worshipped everywhere -Goddess Saraswathi in Japan

    We,Indian Hindus worshipping Saraswathi as God of Wisdom. There are shrines for Her in almost all temples. In Koothanur near Peralam on Mayiladuthurai-Thiruvarur route has a separate resplendent for Saraswathi. Many parents and students visit this temple for better education especially during admission and examination times.
    Similar to this I read in newspapers that there is a temple in Japan in Enosima island. Goddess saraswathi is called as Benzaiten and Brahma is called as Benton.
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    Photos of saraswathi temple of Japan is attached.

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    Statue of Saraswathi in Japan temple

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    Worshipping God of any religion is on the person & we need appreciate them for accepting God without forcing them. It is accepted by them wholeheartedly and upon findings of the goodness of Goddess Saraswati - Goddess of wisdom, art, knowledge, music & learning.
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    In Asia, we all have something similar. Maybe in other countries too we have the same Gods which we worship. It's good to see that we have the same Gods but only the names are different.

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    Near Hyderabad, there is a place called Basara. Goddess Saraswati is the diety here. Many people go there when they admit their child in school for studies. Students go there and offer prayers before the start of examinations.
    Like this, the Hindu religion people pray Saraswathi for education and knowledge. It is very nice to know that in many other countries also they worship Goddess Saraswathi in some form or other.

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    A very good and interesting information posted by the author. It is really surprising to see our deities being worshipped elsewhere. It is definitely a matter of joy for us. Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge, speaking and writing and Japanese adopting it are definitely the wiser people in the world to worship Her.
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    Very interesting information posted by the author regarding the worshipping of Goddess in a far off country like Japan. We have to find the history of this. Probably some visitor might have taken the clue from our country and impressed with the details told to him about Goddess Saraswathi and might have installed the deity there.
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    Long back, I read this interesting information on another site, most probably on We feel very astonished when we come to know how ancient Indian civilization had spread many parts of the world, and how it was subsequently destroyed by the barbarians.
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    Glad to know about Goddess Saraswathi being worshipped in Japan. There is also a relatively modern temple of this Goddess in Bali known as Pura Taman Saraswati. If we look back into history, Southeast Asia has strongly been influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism. We have temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The famous Angkor Wat in Cambodia is a well-known temple of Lord Vishnu.

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    It's good to know that Goddess Saraswati is worshipped in Japan too. Japan is in Asia and might have been influenced by our ancient civilization. If we minutely follow different civilizations throughout this world we will find there are certain similarities between many of them. These similarities can be in food habit, style of wearing clothes or religious activities. Religion always played a major role in various cultural activities and cultures evolve in different ways. One important part of this evolution is exchange and experimentation. maybe because of this, there are a few similarities.

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