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    We call him the Father of the Nation - can we use his image anywhere?

    There are a few advertisements that draw our attention in some way. Maybe the story behind those advertisements or a particular picture shown there compels us to think again about it and ultimately we end up by clicking the advertisement or try the products. If it draws the attention of a large section of people then you can say the advertiser is successful in conveying the message of the product. We see celebrities in various advertisements and sometimes a few models become synonymous with certain advertisements. While there are specific rules related to advertisements, it is illegal to show pictures of celebrities/performers on product labels for which they never advertised. If they somehow get to know this they can definitely sue the manufacturers or marketers for using their pictures illegally.

    India is a poor country and laws are not strictly implemented everywhere so we can find a lot of manufacturers or resellers of small household items in villages using the picture of celebrities on their products. Now we all are aware that the image of a smiling Mahatma Gandhi is on our currency notes for. Just now, I am startled to find an advertisement for a company, probably specializes in income tax filing that shows the same picture of Gandhiji besides the words declaring their specialization in bold fonts. Can the image of the Father of the Nation be used so blatantly by an advertiser? We do not follow his principles or way of life, that's a different issue but do you find this logical? I am attaching the image below that will speak for itself.

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    Those who routinely say that they respect Mohandas Gandhi, only pay lip-service to him. From 1947 to 2014, no principle of Mohandas Gandhi has been put to practice. In some cases, those principles are totally impractical and in other cases, the Congress rulers themselves didn't believe in his principles.

    Only one Prime Minister, Morarji Desai, who was the first non-Congress Prime Minister, was a true Gandhian,. Even he could not implement the principles of Gandhi. But he definitely tried.

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    I don't think there is anything bad in using the image of Mahatma Gandhi. As for him, it symbolises money as well as timely file your tax and help nation. Basically, he is more focussed on money as in our country Gandhiji's picture means a currency note.

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    People use the images and pictures of great leaders and celebrities to promote their product and it is not legal to do so but as no one is going to catch them and ask them not to do so, they are continuing this practice rampantly. The idea of making picture of Gandhiji on our currency notes was only a way devised to give him respect, nothing more than that. Some people unnecessarily comment on that which is not in good taste. Currency is a thing of national importance and we are proud of our currency. Today dollar is being accepted all over the world and they have inscribed the pictures of their leaders there just to honour them. There is nothing wrong in that.
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    Mahatma Gandhi's name is used by many people in many places. Gandhi never supported drinking or smoking. He is against drinking alcohol. But these days we will find many wine shops with the name of Gandhi. In many places, I have seen Mahatma Gandhi Wine shop. He will really feel ashamed if he sees that. Thank God he is no more. Gandhi Pan shops are many in Hyderabad and they sell Cigarettes and Guthka packets. This is how the practices go.
    Is the name kept to show respect to him or not, I don't know and I get puzzled when I see such names.
    Gandhiji's name and Photo are being used by Indians very liberally. Many of the politicians irrespective of their Party keep a photo of Gandhi in their houses and offices. Is it to show respect to him or cheat the people. They may be thinking that by seeing this photo of Gandhiji in house people may think that he follows Gandhiji's principles. People will get cheated for some time but not forever.
    When we show his name or use his photo we should respect his ideology and we should also follow that otherwise there is no point,

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    The Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950 prohibits, among many other names and emblems, the use of the name or pictorial depiction of Mahatma Gandhi except the pictorial use on calendars where only the name of the manufacturers and printers of the calendars are given and are not used for advertising goods. Therefore, the action of the company in question is liable to invite legal penalties as prescribed by law.

    Dr Rao, I have never seen or heard a wine shop or for that matter any shop being named after the Mahatma. We may have Mahatma Wine Shops or Gandhi Wine Shop but not otherwise.

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    The post just reminds of an article (dated 17 April 2015 in TOI) which I read about the case against Marathi poet Vasant Dattatray Gurjar for publishing a poem in 1984, 'Gandhi Mala Bhetla Hota' (I met Gandhi).
    The bench said, " Had it be an ordinary 'Gandhi' it would not have been a problem, but using MKG is objectionable. Mahatma is not a mythical or imaginary character who can be abused. The work would not come across artistic freedom & would attract provision of article 292,"
    The publisher’s counsel Gopal Subramaniam argued that the Constitution does not talk about veneration of historical figure, as veneration is a personal matter. The time is changing & the society should be tolerant.

    Mr. Tushar Gandhi, the great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, has taken steps to prevent the misuse of his great-grandfather's name or image in advertising. He also seeks to ensure that his great-grandfather's name is not used irreverently, such as in the marketing of meat products or lingerie. Mr. Gandhi also disapproves of any use of the Gandhi name or image by companies dealing with weapons or alcohol. He does not object to the use of his great-grandfather's name or image for non-profit purposes. Any company wishing to use his name or image for commercial purposes will now have to seek Mr. Gandhi's permission. Funds received from the commercial use of his name and image will go to the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation. The agreement has brought objections from the Gandhi Peace Foundation charity, which believes the Gandhi name is too sacred to be used by any company or institution for commercial purposes.

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    #668090 Mr Saji Ganesh, Lead Editor,

    In a Village In East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, there was a wine shop. The owner named it as Mahatma Gandhi Wine shop. It was there for some time. Afterwards, it was closed. There are many bars on the name of Mahatma.
    Just I like to tell that I have seen that shop in that village.

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    Celebrities and big leaders are always a point of interest for the business house to advertise their business through these great personalities. This is an old tactics and celebrities also do not find anything wrong in it. In Govt also the pictures of great people is adopted in postal tickets and other commemorative things. The picture of Gandhiji is also adopted by the Govt on currency note. I do not see any issue in that. It is just to remember that personality for generations.
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    This looks acceptable. In this ad, Gandhiji's image is like a lithographic print, it seems to be taken from a banknote. Maybe the ad creative minds are trying to link income tax filing with honesty and it is a service to the nation. Images and symbols of our national importance have been misused in far more objectionable terms, like a doormat in the Indian three colours, a painting of Hindu Gods inappropriately depicted etc. Last year, Gandhiji's painting was displayed at Bar Baar resto-lounge in Dubai that left many Indians angry.

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