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    Topic based monthly TOW contest for May' 19 on topic 'Choice' - (Winners)

    Life looks very simple but sometimes extremely complicated. It may throw you in every different direction and everyone would be in search of a happy ending. Same is the case with the topic– 'Choice' and it was extremely difficult to make a choice among the participants. We have 22 entries for this contest and thank you all for giving your best. Now, it's time to announce the winners of the TOW contest for the week 26th May – 1st Jun'19 on topic – 'Choice'.

    And the Winner of the TOW is –
    Vandana for the thread - Accepting life - not making it a choice

    It is decided to award Special Prize to the following:
    1. Sankalan Bhattacharya for the thread - When your choice is to be the copycat
    2. Juana for her entry- Be wary of hatred, it shouldn't be a choice
    3. Naveen Ramamurthy for his thread - When Life doesn't give a choice..
    4. Reena Upadhya for her entry - My life, I choose you! You are my choice

    The Consolation Prize goes to:
    1. Neeru Bhatt for the thread - Choice of friends in our life
    2. Vij for the thread - Sometimes the best Choice is having No Choice
    3. Aditya Mohan for the thread - A choice at a lavish restaurant

    The winner would be awarded 60 points and 60 c.c while the Special prize awardees would get 40 pts and 40 c.c each. The Consolation prize carries 30 pts and 30 c.c. All other entries will be given c.c based on the quality. Please join me to congratulate the winners.
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    My congratulations to all the award winners of the TOW contest. Yes, everyone has a choice to make and when there are so many thought-provoking entries in a contest, editors really find it hard to choose the entries for the awards. All the threads were unique and focused on various aspects of choice. My best wishes to all the participants.

    Well done!


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Congratulations to all the winners for their superb contributions. I thought to find my name in the winning list because I highlighted one such aspect of life, in which personal choice has no place, though many of us wish to choose. It seems I have to work harder. Once again, my best wishes to all the winners, and other contributors who too wrote well.

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    Congratulations to all the winners of the TOW contest for May' 19 on topic 'Choice'. Thanks for giving the best by each participants in the contest. It is really motivation others like me to participate in the future. All the threads are unique and different to read. Once again, wish you all the best for the winners and others to encourage to participate in the future contest.

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    This month end TOW contest was on a very interesting and versatile topic. Now the winners are announced and I congratulate all of them for their respective awards. Well done and keep contributing.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Congratulations all for their contribution. It was a good contest and I understand how difficult it would have been for the judges to select the best entry for the prize.

    Once again I congratulate the winners and the participants as well and hope to see the contribution in the contests with the same zeal.


    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    Congratulations to all winners. Also thanks for every participant for their contribution. Because of you we all have great feast of thoughts on the subject 'choice'.

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    Congratulations to all the winner, all the special and consolation prize winners for this topic based TOW award. A long list for TOW award proofs the interest of ISC members in the forum section. This time the topic was also very prompt to write about and I liked all the entries.

    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    Congratulations to all the winners of the contest "Choice" and thanks to the judging panel for selecting the best. Would also thank the participants for making it a tough competition.

    Waiting for a new competition to come up.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    Congratulations to all the winners of TOW Contest. It was a very interesting topic and thus more number of participants were encouraged to participate in it. I am glad to be a special prize winner of this contest. Thank you ISC team.

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    My heartiest congratulations to all the winners of the TOW contest for May 2019 on the topic Choice. All the selected threads deserve the awards. I hope the winners will continue their good work and win many more prizes in the coming months. I wish them all the best.
    always confident

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    I thank ISC for my award and at the same time take this opportunity to congratulate all the other winners of this month end TOW contest. It was really a very good topic and the participation was also very impressive. Let us continue contributing in ISC.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Congratulations to all the winners of the TOW contest. This contest of the word "Choice" had many good entries, each unique in its own merit. Wishing all the very for future awards.

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    Congratulations to the winners of the TOW contest. I am a new member and I am looking forward to taking part in such contests in future. Hope I may be able to see my name in such a list some day!

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    Hearty congratulations to all the prize winners of the Topic-based TOW contest for the month of May '19! The topic had elicited a good number of responses and all the threads attempted to look at the topic from different angles.

    The cash rewards and points have been credited to the winners.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. -Aristotle

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    Thanks to the jury panel for the prize and congratulations to all my co-winners. The consolation prizes are a testimony to the fact that overall these were some of the best entries we got for a topic-based TOW.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Congratulations to everyone on their win. The entries brought out different views on a word that we often choose to ignore. The posts showcased different situations where choice is important.
    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    My Congratulations to all the winners of the TOW Contest on May 2019. The topic "Choice" is a very interesting topic and who gave their best deserves the awards. I wishing all the winners will continue and win more prizes in the next contest.

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