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    Correct spelling enhances the value of a thread/article on ISC

    ISC is a study channel, so the contributors should be extra careful regarding the language while posting any material. English is not our mother tongue, so sometimes we are all prone to make mistakes in grammar and vocabulary, but I still feel a little caution will enhance the credibility of the site a little more.

    Spelling matters a lot, so it is my earnest request to the editors also to rectify the spelling mistakes made in the title of a thread started by the members. I don't want to pinpoint because one might feel insulted so humbly requesting everyone to be very particular regarding spellings. Change in spelling changes the meaning, which makes the thread very irrelevant.
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    It is absolutely correct. We should be careful while posting in ISC so that there is no spelling or grammatical errors. One good way is to install Grammarly which is free for the members of ISC and will help to check the typos and grammatical mistakes. Spelling can always alter the meaning and when a word is misspelt it creates a bad impression on the website publishing the content. ISC is a reputed website and many students refer to this website on a regular basis. Many members have acknowledged here that there are certain mistakes in their threads or replies because they have responded from smart mobile devices. There is a limited option to check the spelling when posting from a mobile device and when people type fast on a mobile device there can be typos. Another way is to recheck the Thread/Article for any mistakes and correct them as early as possible. If we always check the contents before posting, it will help to reduce the errors.

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    You are right. ISC is not a site to accept and tolerate spelling and grammar mistakes. If a member commits a mistake, the editors or expert members should correct the mistake. Editors have the key to enter into any thread or article to correct or edit, but members haven't. Members can simply remind the concerned member through a PM,

    I always check such spelling and grammar mistakes and remind the member to correct it. Also, I expect other members to correct my mistakes.

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    It happens when we work on ISC through the phone. I personally do many mistakes and sometimes don't check them before posting responses which I think is not good. But after reading this post I have promised to myself that I will check my response before posting it so as to reduce the grammatical and spelling mistakes.

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    Many of us are not professional typists. So when we type the content we have to see the keyboard and type. So sometimes we will press the wrong key and spelling will go wrong. When we write on the paper we will write correctly, but some times when we type we go wrong. So we should be more careful. Grammarly is helping a lot in this issue.
    Initially, I was typing and posting. I was not reading before posting or after posting. Once or twice I received a suggestion from Managing Editor, Ms Vandana about the spelling mistakes. From then onwards I started reading and correcting. These days I am avoiding spelling mistakes maximum. Grammarly is also helping. Even after posting I am reading and again correcting if there are any mistakes.
    It is true that not only on ISC but also anywhere when we write or post something we should see that there are no mistakes.

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    The correct spellings and proper syntax are the factors which enhance the beauty of English language. Any language to that matter requires this aspect. It is imperative that we should take utmost care in our writings in this respect and that is the way to improve also. Now a days some computer apps like 'Grammarly' are available which are very helpful in these matters and just putting our documents in that environment brings out the spelling and syntax mistakes to quite a degree correcting the document quickly and efficiently. So I will recommend to use these apps once the document is complete so that it does the basic editing. Those who are themselves capable of correcting their document may not need these apps. It is their choice to use them or not.
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    A very nice post by the author. We should take care of spellings in our writings. This is a crucial thing and it is true that misspelt words will ruin the beauty of our writings. Correct spellings work like a magic in the presentation of the English language and enhance its value tremendously.
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    A thoughtful thread that reminds me of this thread by Vandana Ji sometime back Fastest fingers first not always a good thing - this is ISC, not KBC!. Such threads are needed regularly to remind us of the simple yet pertinent aspects of our contribution to ISC.

    Often what happens is, we get carried away focusing on what we mean to convey, has it come across well, etc. In this bargain, we tend to ignore the spellings. Although we have autocorrect and Grammarly, still these happen which means that we are a little impatient and do not give Grammarly the time it needs to correct. There is no deduction of points for mistakes ( it would be practically very difficult for the editors to check every post) and this also is likely to make people like me a little lax while posting a thread. Of course, there is no doubt that correct spellings and grammar add value and make reading more pleasant.

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    Just as a person dresses well to look good, in a similar way, spelling enhances our writing to look good for the audience. Writing with faulty spelling and grammatical mistakes is like a dress with holes into it.

    Error-free writing gives a sense of clarity and a good understanding of the language as well as content. It is important to keep audience glued to one's quality writing work.

    While we write, it is good to see for the mistakes that we may be committing and rectifying them in the first place before pushing it forward is important. We can always polish our writing skills and improve our spelling and grammatical weakness.

    Without writing error-free content, our work looks 'orphan' without any reflection and understanding! Without improving our spelling and grammatical errors, our writing becomes useless and obsolete.

    So, the thread is a nice one reminding all of us to take care of our spelling and grammatical mistakes.

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    It is true but nowadays we can rectify this with online grammar change. But again, I don't think anyone does this purposely. The first thing which I want to mention here is when you post by mobile phone, you can't "edit" it once its posted. Then you feel hopeless that you have found your mistakes but can't change this. What is the point to allowing post by mobile phones when we can't rectify our mistakes? If this site is so concern about grammar mistakes, they first look into this problem. Either post from mobile phones should be blocked if not then it should have edit system.

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    We come across mistakes in many writing, let it be article, resource, thread or reply but that are not deliberate. Some are new and take time in understanding ISC rules & regulations & by time will definitely be a good writer.
    By just give the above point of view doesn't give an opinion that such thing should be accepted but atleast need to accept or tolerate to some extent. ISC has a standard of it own and being in the company will alway him the member to improve & bring out his/her best but will need time.
    I understand that Correct spelling enhances the value of a thread/article but we need to understand that many are not good writers or readers. Coming or join this site shows his/her willingness to learn. The feedback on any thread or article or resources, etc is just the first step. They will gradually learn how to give their best.
    We have so many good articles & resources about many topics & one day will give or put forward his/her best from what he learned from these post.
    For the time being, request the members to correct the one who do it by sending him/her PM which will help them understand the mistake and to be careful in the future. As they say, " though the rock or sculpture was broken by the last stroke of the hammer, but the first one too is to be counted", so also, we need to correct them & this will definitely help to contribute by a winning article/resource.

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    I think the intention of the author is to suggest that one should take care to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes while posting content here or for that matter anywhere. No one is saying that we are masters of the language but if sufficient care is taken and a little more time is spared, we can at least bring down the number of mistakes. This thread is a suggestion for improvement and needs to be taken in that perspective only.
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    ISC is a reputed channel in the sense that many readers mostly the students refer to this channel so as to get some extra inputs in different topics such as current events, general - knowledges from the existing Resources etc. Hence this channel is very particular to the correctness of sentences or any error made in the spellings.
    While writing on any plateform, I ensure that no mistake has occurred either in the syntax of the sentences or presence of silly mistakes in the form of spellings. With a little care, we can manage our writings effectively devoid of any grammatical errors, which are bound to occur in case of negligence from our part.

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    It's good to have a habit of revising the content at least thrice before posting. Also grammar checker is recommended by ISC to maintain the value of the site. It is purely based on the patience. We are lucky to be here to deliver valuable contents over ISC. Generally, a cautious step avoids bad consequences.

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    #Saji Ganesh, the Lead Editor, Thank you very much.

    #Varghese let me address your point of view. You gave an opinion very strongly, but if you take a little pain and go through the thread once again, then you would find that I had not belittled any author rather I didn't spare myself too. English is not our mother tongue, so at times, we all make some mistakes. Therefore, I requested everyone to be a little cautious. I had no intention to demean anyone.

    Let me be a little specific about your post. You used a symbol for the word 'and', but I remember my English teacher taught not to use any sign in creative writing because it's not a technical write-up. Your post has a sentence which I copy/paste here:
    ISC has a standard of it own and being in the company will alway him the member to improve & bring out his/her best but will need time.

    You can easily find mistakes in the sentence. A little caution would have avoided all the mistakes you made. It is the only intention I had behind starting the thread. I am no expert in English, and I don't have an attitude to take a dig on anyone.

    There is another point which I would like to raise. In India, we follow British English, but a few members use American English. The spelling of many words vary a lot, and if considered as British English, then the readers will get confused because meaning changes too. I can highlight it but would not do so, thus keeping all such factors in mind, I started the thread.


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    Spelling and grammar mistake make wrong meaning. Reading the content twice before posting will help to find the vocabulary and grammar mistakes. So members and editors before posting rechecking spelling and grammar mistake with Grammarly tool or other online tools once saves time.

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    Shampa - Just one clarification. Tony Sir had advised that when using the Grammarly tool, to set the language to UK English.

    Some of the members have rightly pointed out, both now and earlier when similar requests have been brought up in the forum, that submissions made via a mobile phone cannot be edited for making corrections. This has been brought to the notice of the admn. a couple of times, but as yet the technicalities have not been sorted out to enable editing via a phone. Till then, let's take the initiative ourselves to type out text carefully. Even on a phone, it takes just a few minutes surely to check before hitting the submit button. When we are bothered about putting text properly in an article or an AE answer, then why not for the forum as well? It will only help us to improve our wonderful site, in making for better reading for us and for visitors.

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    #668197 - Shampa mam, I only tried to provide my point of view. I do not have any intention of saying or hurting anyone. My point was clear and may be strong but it does not provide an excuse for others to take these matter "Grammar and spelling" in a post or article lightly.
    I appreciate your post and a sense of responsibility by raising awareness of the need of correct spelling and grammar for any write-up. The post will help everyone to understand the importance and infuse the correct usage.

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