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    Like father, like son (Part-II)

    Members, do you still remember the words of the illustrious communist leader of Kerala, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan? He had said that Indian Army soldiers 'can rape' and also tried to instigate people of Kerala against the Indian Army. This man is a high-level party functionary of ruling CPI(M) in Kerala.

    Long back I raised a thread Like father, like son, where I mentioned the dubious activities of this leader's son, Binoy Kodiyeri, in Dubai. It seems that he somehow managed to save his skin and returned from the Gulf countries.

    But how can he remain quiet? The news has come. A 31-year old Mumbai-based woman has filed a case of rape and cheating against Binoy Kodiyeri. The woman has also stated that Binoy Kodiyeri has sired a son by her. The woman has sought a DNA test of her son to prove her allegation.

    Of course, Binoy Kodiyeri has denied these allegations.

    Can we again say: "Like father, like son"?
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    A woman has filed a complaint against Binoy Kodiyeri, elder son of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, the Secretary of the CPI (M) in Kerala, and he has denied it. He has also filed a complaint alleging extortion threats by the woman. This is the latest (breaking) news and we are aware of both the complaints only. So what do we discuss? If we are to go ahead with assumptions and presumptions and the previous character of the individual, well and good. But what purpose is it going to serve? Can't we wait at least till the investigations begin and the media starts bring in the minute-to-minute progress of the case?
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    The facts will be known only after getting the correct information from the court hearings on this subject. Till such time each party will say that their version is correct only. Nobody will accept the complaint made by the other party. As a third party, we can't do anything except waiting. I agree with Mr Saji Ganesh. Lead Editor.
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    Strike when the iron is hot. Partha has done it by raising this thread. Things, especially of a politician, will cool down quickly within no time.
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    If we go by the logic given by Mr. Saji Ganesh, we must not associate Narendra Modi and Amit Shah with the riots in Gujarat in 2002 after the horrible killings of Hindus at Godhra by the scared people. The Courts have exonerated them. Then why do some of us still associate them with Gujarat-2002 after more than 17 years?
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    This is a serious issue and if the allegation is proved true Binoy Kodiyeri will be in problem. The truth will come out in the due course of time and we have to be patient to see the verdict in the case as court can not ignore the DNA test and other aspects in favour of the complainant. It is also true that powerful people generally get out of the clutches of the law by manipulating the things. So, same thing is possible in this case also like so many others.
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    We come across many cases against politicians & celebrities but to be honest only 5-10% get punished, rest we don't know. Many a time, the case gets so hype that it's the talk of the town but after few days, some other event is given attention & it goes to back seat.

    Even when they have evidence to show, why do these cases goes on prolonging. Don't you think that when everything is on the table, why are the verdict not given. We read many cases of these type when we think a verdict will be passed but only date is given,
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    I think, this time Mr Binoy Kodiyeri can't escape. Wealthy businessmen of Kerala may not be able to save him.
    The case is registered in Mumbai. Mumbai police is under BJP. How CPI (M) is handling this case is interesting to watch. It is reported that the case is under discussion with central committee of the CPI (M).

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    I think such people should be severely punished and it should be a lesson to others. He may have links with politicians and influence in Govt but if the investigating agencies do their work properly and fearlessly such culprits will be caught soon.
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    Mumbai police have reached Kerala to get the culprit arrested for investigation. I think the law will take its own course.
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    The guy Binoy Kodiyeri is absconding from his native Talaiserry fearing arrest by the Mumbai police. His whereabouts is not known. Police have asked him to surrender within three days. This is clearly evident that the guy is guilty of that criminal act.
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