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    A serious question to parents/ to be parents.

    What do you prefer- twins of the same gender or twins of opposite gender or two babies with a decent age difference? All the options have different pros and cons and come with different requirements.

    Among my friends, I have observed that some couples want twins of the opposite gender so that they can be free after 2 or 3 years and then can move further with their career without any plan for a second child.

    On the other hand, some parents want siblings with 2-3 years difference because as per them, the elder one guides the younger one and it creates a strong bonding between them. But at the same time, parents having kids of 4-5 years age difference find it really difficult to manage both as the elder one does not want to adjust after a certain limit and the younger one is quite young to adjust for anything.

    There are some couples who are planning to have single kid irrespective of the gender mainly because of the expenses involved in having another child. This situation will lead to the absence of closed relatives in future. Next generation will not have maternal or paternal uncles and aunts and closed cousins.

    So, parents or would be parents can drop in their views!
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    I have twins of opposite genders but I always wanted to have only one kid as you know how high is education cost these days. Also in the case of twins when they go in higher classes it's very difficult to bear the education cost together. When you have two kids of the separate age group you can always use things like clothes, toys, books etc of the elder kid.

    We think that having twin kids is good because but it's not because to take care of two kids at the same time is not easy, lots of hard work has to be done and I really appreciate my wife for the same. As of now, my kids are of 11 years but still, they are sometimes unmanageable but my wife does it with perfection.


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    The choice, of course, will vary from individual to individual as people have different perceptions in this matter. In my opinion the normal children with a gap of 2-3 years is better as bringing up twins is a difficult proposition. When there is a gap we learn the things for the second child by the experience of the first one. So it is a steady way of going ahead rather in a frenzy. It is entirely a different matter if someone wants twins just for the thrill of it as they like to have them. Twins are not so common so wanting twins may not come true every time as normally single child are born.
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    I always preferred having two kids irrespective of their gender and with a minimum age gap of 3 years. My elder son born in the year 1986. The second delivery was in 1989. Exactly 3 years difference. The second one also is a son. I have decided to stop there. There was a lot of pressure from my parents and Parents in Law to wait for one more delivery thinking that third one will be a girl. But I have gone ahead with my decision after taking the consent of my wife.
    Now both my sons completed their B.Tech and both of them are working in good MNCs. They settled well. It is better to have an age gap of three years as the expenditures for both will come at different times. If both are to be admitted in the same year we may have to have a good amount of money at a time. That may be a difficult proposition as far as I am concerned. Financially well to do people can afford. So the decisions should be taken based on our financial condition and the mother's interest.

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    Kids, either one, twin or triplet are a blessing. It change the whole life of the parents & grandparents. Now coming to the point of having a gap in between children solely depends upon the would be parents. All have their own way & to say are right in their own way.
    For me, I wanted minimum three children & we had our mind clear about the number. Though My wife was not that happy but I was able to convince. Now I have 2 daughters, elder 4 year old & younger year old with an age gap of 3 years.
    Children with small age gap help the parents & also the children.
    From parents point of view, it's easy to raise them together than having big gap between them. The elder one will be a guide & nanny to the younger. The things of elder can be used for the younger.
    From children's point of view, They get a good company, Learn sharing, have someone to play with when parents are busy, elder child can even help in studies, be a bodyguard, etc.

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    Bringing up the child is no chid's play. It requires complete devotion and sacrifice of ones personal life. In such a case taking care of twins is much more difficult. In my opinion one child at one time is a better approach as one can concentrate in bringing up one child comfortably.
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