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    Why the interest of students in Sanskrit and Hindi is going down?

    More than 40 per cent seats for Sanskrit and Hindi at graduation level in the Lucknow University have been left vacant. It's very obvious that these subjects don't guarantee a job.

    But it's sad that the day is not far when the university will withdraw the course or reduce the number of seats if the situation continues. The government should do something so that this beautiful language doesn't vanish away.

    What measures can be taken for the same?
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    In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana many people opt for Sanskrit as Second Language. They need not write the examination in Sanskrit. They can write in English and they will get a very good score in this language. Pupil opts for it as their overall percentage will increase. But their acquaintance with the language is zero. Once they are out of Intermediate and go to B.Tech/MBBS/B.Sc, there is no necessity for them to study the language any more.
    There should be some course separately where the people who are really interested in learning Sanskrit will join there and read. This can be a certificate course after their studies while working also. That certificate course will help them in really learning the language and they can use it to study various Sanskrit books which will give them a better knowledge of the subject.
    Encouraging the people to go for this certificate course by offering incentives and scholarship to the students can be thought of by the government.

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    The history of the languages in the world is like that. The languages which are used for medium in exams, competitions, office work and other practical usages survive and progress but those which are not being used like that or sparingly used lose in the battle and slowly become a thing of past. English language has come up nicely in the world arena as most of the things are done in it and it is the preferred language for programmers, planners, scientists and engineer alike and is flourishing day by day.

    Hindi and Sanskrit are that way have not come up and it is natural that they will be lagging in the race between languages.

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    The British has ruled India in such a way that we Indians failed to give importance to the languages of India and embraced English tightly. Hence, Sanskrit and Hindi the Aryan languages and the Dravidian languages has seen its downfall. " Ainthil Valayathathu Aimbathil Valayaathu" A Tamil Proverb. A thing that cannot be bent at 5 can never be bent at 50.
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