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    How to subdue the noise of excessive thinking in our minds?

    Have you experienced the 'noise of excessive thinking' in your mind? Have you felt disturbed by the volley of thoughts that fill your mind during that time? What is to be done to reduce such noise? Do you resort to some particular techniques to subdue your thoughts? Share your views and experiences in this thread.

    This may look a bit spiritual type of topic but I wanted to have the opinion of the members on it so was tempted to post it here.

    Our mind never rests. It is always busy doing myriad jobs every moment thinking about so many issues and things in our life and flying from one point to another and weaving a web of thoughts in our mind. Many times it so happens that the thinking process increases much creating a load on the mind and it becomes tired. I call it a noise of excessive thinking. Our ancient philosophers believed that by Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation this noise could be subdued to bring peace in the mind. Many people follow these techniques and are benefited.

    Do you also sometimes feel the noise of increased thinking in your mind? What remedial measures do you go for subduing or reducing it? Please share your valued opinion.
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    It is true. We will be having so many things in our mind and it will be thinking on many issues. But the mind will be working more on the issue which is very important or which we like more. When we are in some difficult situations we will be working very seriously on the same issue and our mind will get tired those times. Those times I will completely stop thinking and start relaxing. Still if I am not able to stop my mind from thinking I take out a book which gives good jokes and material to laugh and start reading. Once I start reading that within a small duration my mind will be calm and in that calmness a solution to my problem will come out. I employed this many times and I got good results out of it.
    These days I started playing with my granddaughter if I have any pain on my mind and after playing for a few minutes with her I will become normal. Some people say meditation is also good for this problem.

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    It happens when there is nothing to do - the mind begins to wander and all sorts of scenarios begin playing in the mind. The mind begins to seek answers for all the ifs and buts and begins dissecting the, they did this and they did not do that etc. All the self-doubts surface and the mind looks around for answers. It is the emptiness of our mind that fills it with all kinds of thoughts - or 'noise of excessive thinking', as you so beautifully phrased it.

    The best way to get away from all this unnecessary din is to engage ourselves in doing constructive things. It acts as a distraction. Mindless thinking is counterproductive, it is also like a disease that destroys us slowly because most of the time the thoughts are negative.

    Pick up a hobby, spend time in the company of others, put your time to good use and these voices will fade away.

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    A good topic which everyone encounter & might have even discussed but still the same. We all have heard or read the proverb in our school, " An ideal mind is a devil workshop", & to say - yes to it, is not atall important. Majority of time, the mind wanders to think of the problem that we are facing, at work, school, office, personal life - with parents, relatives, siblings, spouse, children & even friends.
    At times, our mind starts digging into a matter & even if we think of not going back to it, the mind will start again. It's a think of concern. It takes away our peace, sleep & even our health.

    I think, these can help one reduce the noise of excess thinking:
    - Be in a crowd instead of being alone. When you are in crowd, you start talking of many things which distracts the mind from that topic.
    - Go out and play, you will start focusing on game then your problem.
    - Speak it out to the one whom you trust, it also relax you & calm the mind.
    - Go for a movie, or any other shows.
    - Join a meditation class or course, it helps.

    These can help you subdue the noise of excess thinking but these are all for trial, not a tested solution!

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    As other members have also opined, I also strongly feel that engaging the mind in constructive activities is the best solution to get rid of this excessive noise. Diverting the mind to some works will do the trick. Sometimes mind will be full of thoughts and it is natural that it will burden the mind.
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    As the others have already pointed out, 'an idle mind is a devil's workshop'. Our thoughts tend to wander all over our past, present and future and are spiced up with regrets, expectations and dreams when we don't exercise our body and mind. Engaging ourselves in some activity which we enjoy is a way out because by being physically or mentally engaged, we inadvertently divert our mind to a different route and thus a brake is applied on the thought process. We need to keep our body and mind busy because thoughts, most of the time, tend to be negative as they try to fill in the vacuum.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. -Aristotle

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    I don't see any problem in a thinking mind or round the clock thinking mind. Problem starts when want a control over it to stop or we feel that its harmful. The brain is doing its work and we should not worry for it. Only problem is that when we start thinking something negative and start believing or worrying about it. Brain is made by nature to think analyse but act is on you. Brain may signal that driving this car can make an accident, one can die but its upon us that how we act upon that source of information. I believe we should take as many suggestion or thoughts from brain as an active brain and should not worry about its tiredness. We should just guide it to positive thinking and choose the negative thoughts lightly and trash them or ignore them. I believe we should not interfere in natural ways. Its like we are teaching a lion that today only vegetable available so why you are starving and killing yourself.
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    Our mind is like a monkey. It keeps jumping from one place to another. The thought process in our mind keep changing very frequently. Meditation and yoga helps in controlling our mind and reduce the stress level.
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