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    The Height of Hypocrisy

    What is actual Hypocrisy, one can learn from the ex cricketer Gautam Gambhir. I don't understand why some people act so shameful that they had to eat their own statement. The same Gambhir 2 months back had shouted in open that "There should not be any cricket match between India and Pakistan and it should be shut the door even if India has to lose 2 important points".

    Now, here on the day of Cricket match, he was not only seen doing live commentary but playing contest with viewers! For this he has been trolled in all form of social media. But, one should understand that money can change anyone or any statement. What he is doing now is earning money from commentating the game which is not at all bad or offence but then why to show a character within him which was actually not real? Be what you really are and there is no need to shout which has no meaning in your real world!
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    This is very common in Political leaders. Gautam Gambhir is now an MP I think or he has contested for MP. Anyhow he started his career now as Politician. So he started changing the words.
    KCR the Telangana Chief Minister before elections in 2014 said that if his party comes to power he will make a backward class person as CM of the State. But after the elections, he became the CM. Somebody asked him the same question. His reply was as expected. He said that never said that,
    He promised Sonai Gandhi that he will merge his party with Congress if separate Telangana was given. After that, he denied the same.
    We can give many such examples. Money makes all the difference. A person having crores of rupees wanted to get more and more. To become popular among the people and deceive them they will make such statements. People will believe them and afterwards, they will get deceived.
    Why should make statements when we can't follow them or implement them. Is it not better to be silent?

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    These are the common practise of the politicians an to say, Gautam Gambhir started his political career with this famous sixes. Now he has won the election and his " Desh Bhakti" is at low pace. It will again rise only when other election will be announced. This is the time when we hear or see political parties showing their patriotism & who ever question them becomes ani national.
    Many of us, even after seeing & facing true situations falls prey to their big mouth talks & speeches where they talk about desh bhakti, hinduism, dalit, minority, attacks, christian missionaries, mughals, and whatnot. During elections, they have time to visit each & every house from where they are contesting but later, they get so busy that the problem of the people are not attended.
    Now, giving due respect to Gautam Gambhir for his contribution to cricket, he can do the commentary as an when called for as it provides a huge sum. It is high time he think twice before talking and degrading the love and affection that people has for him.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    These people talk something but do something else. This is height of hypocrisy and is also evident in the behaviour of many people ranking high in our society. These people take it very casually to announce or speak something in public but when it comes to action they change their path 180 degree opposite.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Gambhir gave up cricket and with 6 months became an MP after contesting from East Delhi under the BJP. Here my concern is that he is 'moonlighting' as a commentator while being an MP? Hopefully, he has not taken any money for his cricket commentary. Coming to the flip-flop of forfeiting the match (IndvsPak) to playing the game with him on an app is typical of changing stances with changing times which is common in many people in politics and public life.
    Seeing the twitterati trolling him, he would certainly wish he hadn't committed this folly.

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    We see this type of hypocrisy from many people around us, especially the politicians. Most of them say something to gain the confidence of people and later change the stance according to the circumstances. Mr Gamhir is now an MP and he shouted like that just before the elections to receive applause in public meetings and in political circles. It's unfortunate because we know that cricket is a gentleman's game but from the activities of Mr Gambhir, I doubt how many will call him a gentleman.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    It seems he has learned the quality of politicians soon. It was just to attract voters so he shouted that we should not play a cricket match with Pakistan in the world cup before elections and now when he has won the elections he has forgotten his statement.

    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    Now, the Hypocrisy it is not limited to only politicians. It has taken a deep root in our society. But, it gives us a wrong message when the change of stance done by people who are in authority post. Whom we look as an idol, whom we look as a teacher, who we look to set an example to us, if these people start doing this act, we don't know where we are forwarding ahead then? The conclusion of this thread is we all do or act and change according to benefit we get in our life. So, the question comes here then why to show such patriotism, honesty and integrity?

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