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    From people to investigators all try to play safe

    Film fraternity was very vocal when the #Me too movement started, but they and the television actors and actresses are not vocal regarding #Mentoo. The society has become so insensitive towards the pain of the real victims. Everyone tries to speak out of turn when there is a chance to make some points especially speaking in favour of females seem to have become a contest.

    Most of them are unaware of the facts but jump into the fray to support the #Me Too movement, but in case of #Men Too almost none has spoken against the woman in context. Why are we so partial? The film and television fraternity is considered to be an awakened section, then, why do they fail to take a stand when a man is supposed to be a victim? There are male actors, and every female actor also has some relationship with males who are performing various roles in their lives. Aren't they scared about the life and dignity of the gents in their lives?

    Kindly do not misunderstand me. I am not against #Me Too, but I equally support #MenToo movement. I am scared of all the precious boys and men in my life. Out of grudge, males or females, both are ruining the lives of others, and shoddy investigation adds some fuel to fire. The reckless investigators from the police department to court authorities should be made responsible and must face some dire consequences along with the real culprits.
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    This society is like that. An investigator doesn't want to show a popular man/ woman as a culprit as he will be attacked. He can't imagine how and when and where he will be attacked. He doesn't want to be the victim and lose his precious life by investigating and finding fault with a popular person.
    If the person is innocent and he doesn't have any popularity he will be made responsible and he will be shown as the victim. This is the order of the day.
    Another problem, is the belief of many of the people is that this society is male-dominated society. But there are males as well as females who dominate the other partner in his/her life in this society. So one should always keep this fact in mind and see and here both the sides and who is really the culprit can be found.

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    Allegation is one thing, it can be true or it can be false. The problem comes with the investigation. Investigation is based on witnesses and arguments of the involved parties and court gives verdict based on them. So it depends solely on how one fights ones case in court. A person who is right but not able to fight will lose the case. It is the irony of our system but it is a factual statement.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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