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    What are your expectations from Budget 2019?

    New Govt. under leadership of PM Modi have got established with full majority once again. New Parliamentary session has started and it will continue for 39 days. On 4th July, the economic survey will be presented before the house of Parliament. On 5th of July, Hon'ble Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the budget 2019.
    The new Govt. will have many challenges on economic front. Also the expectations from this new Govt. will also very high by people and of course big relief on various fronts are expected. Not only India, whole world is facing economic slow down time being and to maintain GDP (Gross Domestic Products) is very big challenge for current Govt. in such circumstances.
    The tax payers are expecting relief in Taxation, the students, housewives, elders are expecting relief in inflation level and push for price control mechanism.
    As a common citizens, i want members to share their opinion on Indian economy time being and their suggestions and expectations from Budget 2019.

    My expectations/Suggestions:
    1) Increase in budget for improvisation of military weaponry;
    2) Subsidy for installation of water harvesting scheme throughout India in order to prepare India to tackle water crisis;
    3) Increase in budget for infrastructure of education;
    4) Relief for Long Term Capital Gain.
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    The return of the Long Term Capital Gain was indeed a pain for many average investors who have kept a substantial amount of their retirement savings in direct equity or equity mutual funds. A sizeable chunk of their money will now be gone in tax and this could seriously hamper their retirement plans. In a country where most people are still averse of the equity market and television advertising is needed to promote mutual funds, doing away with the long term capital gains tax will probably be beneficial. Just my two cents, though. I believe it would not be a reality in near future.

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    The finance minister Ms Nirmala Sitharaman has a tough task ahead because everybody has a high expectation from the government. Rather than a populist budget, I want a budget that is focused on real development.

    1. More funds should be allocated to train students in vocational courses.
    2. The focus must be on providing good healthcare to every citizen.
    3. The oil prices are now deregulated and it can increase manifold at times because of the fluctuation in the international market. There should be a proposal to properly offset the fluctuation to a certain level so that the common men are not burdened every time with a price rise.
    4. To boost medium and small scale industries, incentives should be provided to them along with tax reliefs for a certain period.
    5. The tax structures must be rationalised throughout the country.


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    Some of the points that I would like the budget toincludes are:
    1. To provide incentives & other facilities in the field of agriculture & to the farmers.
    2. Giving more fund to incorporate good and basic on social security schemes - Medical specially.
    3. More funds to education, defence & public transport which can boost or help the other way to bring in good education, better use of public transport & also protect our soldiers & nation.
    4. Control on oil price & regulate the increase & decrease as per the international market which play a big role in the price of common commodities.
    5. Control & limit the funds for politicians, corporates, etc, as it will make them contribute more by living the life of a common man.
    6. Rise the emergency fund which will help many states in times of natural calamities & other emergency.

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    1. The Finance Minister has to do a lot of exercises and see that all sections are happy with the budget.
    2. How to create earning chances to the youth by providing self-employment provisions and they should not depend on somebody for getting a job. They should become entrepreneurs and see that they will provide jobs to some people. Mudra loans should be more effective and banks have to ensure that the loan repayment is regular.
    3. IT limit should be increased to Rs, 5 Lakhs and over and above 5 lakhs only the slabs should start.
    4. Defence allocations are to be increased and more transparency in the purchases should be brought in.
    5. Farmers should be encouraged.
    6. Instead of providing free food, the government should create ways to earn money to the people by encouraging Make in India programme.
    7. Banks should be more careful in issuing loans to major industries and there should be separate cell to monitor their payments method and working methodologies. Personnel guarantees should be more the loans sanctioned so that NPAs will be less to the banks.

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    Budget is a balancing act between the Govt revenue and its expenditure and it is definitely a delicate task. I think in income tax side they may announce some concessions for the senior citizens like changing the basic limit of taxable income for them. There is a possibility that existing slabs might change upwards.
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    Everyone expects from the budget and that is the time to see what relief we are given in that. In my opinion, defence and farming sectors should get the preferential treatment in budget as per the motto 'Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan'. Then there are areas which are also of major importance and that is the water management in the country and rationalisation of education system. There are other issues like reduction of interest on student loans, tax reduction on senior citizens having limited income, tax reduction or tax abolishment on angel funds and subsidies on rural entrepreneurship through women's cooperative societies. So, let us wait and see how these things are addressed in this budget.
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    Budget of an Country is an estimate of income and expenditure for the year. Smt. Nirmala Sihtaraman, the first woman Finance Minister of independent India will present the full budget of the Country on July 5th. The man agenda of the budget would be infrastructural development. The Finance Minster is likely to allocate more funds towards the infrastructural development. Further the budget s likely present a comprehensive Industrial policy for the Country with a view to give boost to this sector. We can also expect amendments to GST and Income Tax Act. The present Government is likely to provide relief to the Income Tax payers by raising the slab under IT Act. The relief under GST and IT Act will provide relief to public and salaries class.
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