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    Do the training institutes keep their promises as advertised?

    There are so many training institutes nowadays. They promise to groom you within a couple of days and make you an expert in a particular trade within a few months and they even promise you a job and a bright career.

    If you look around you will find many such advertisements posted here and there. I do not know how authentic they are but I have seen such institutes in the location mentioned in the advertisements. It's really great if people get good opportunities after being trained from those institutes but a little verification can be of great help. Though it is impossible to know the quality of training from such advertisements, many other things, including the standard and quality of such institutes may be judged from the advertisements.

    The courses offered and the promises they make would surely attract one's attention, but we need to be careful while joining such establishments. What is your opinion?
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    Advertisements are just show off and may not mean what they meet. In order to get new admissions, they will say everything and may even provide a backup of what they have said.

    When I had gone to join an institute for an HVAC course, they told me that the morning batch was full and could accommodate me in the afternoon batch and also that too only a few seats were left. I joined the class as I didn't want to lose the chance. When I went the next day, not a single person had come and they asked me to join the morning batch. When I went for the morning batch, we were only three new admissions. Just imagine, what a lie they had told me. Anyways, the class was good and even the teachers.

    So, I would say, one need to at least have a rough study of the class you are going to join based on such advertisements or else join a reputed institute to be on the safer side.

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    Advertisements are generally meant to lure and attract the candidates who are aspiring for training. It does not confirm the effectiveness and standard of training in those institutions. It is only when the aspirants attend the training that they find out the truth.
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    Advertisements are only to attract students and their parents. Even 50% what they advertise is not true. If you keenly observe the names and photos of students which will be appearing in these advertisements there will be repetitions and same name will be appearing in different institute's advertisements. So we shouldn't go by these advertisements. Many of these coaching institutes will not have at least fifty percent of facilities what they show in their advertisements.
    If we want to know about the correct information about the institutes we should see the reviews and then talk to the students who studied there earlier and their parents. That will give you a better understanding about the institutes. If we know any faculty in these institutes we can enquire with them. But getting information for past students is the best way.

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    This is all business and I don't think training is helpful for everyone. One should check the institute and should analyse oneself also if that training is really going to help him/her in the long run. Businessmen just advertise that their training would be enough to get them a good salaried job and youngsters after reading these advertisements get in the trap of these institutes and waste their hard earned money and gaining nothing from it.

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    Advertisements are mainly to attract people within a fraction of seconds and flashes a decision to act immediately without thinking. Of course, fake advertisements are flying in the air and people are falling into it easily, especially job offer advertisements which could be spam in most cases.

    Regarding institutions, it is always good to go in person and enquire. Check with people who stay closer to the institution or previous batch who studied there before deciding. If advertisements are just to catch people and attention to meet head counts or to get money with low-quality courses (less training faculty with poor coaching skill), most probably they won't allow you to think or check anything by using a word of caution that you need to hurry up or that only a few seats are left.

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    The main objective of media advertisement by the organisations/ institutes is to further their commercial interest. These institutes offer 100% placement to the students before admission and write the same in bold letters. But there will be many terms and conditions written in small letters which we generally fail to read.
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