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    Difficulty in reading details about courses in college pages on ISC

    Whenever we visit the page of any college on ISC, there is a list of courses along with its fees and number of seats. For a new visitor, who does not know anything about ISC, it is difficult for the person to realise that along with the course name, the fees and number of seats are given as there are no headings to columns in the table. I faced this problem when I first searched colleges on ISC. Eg, in the college given below,
    Vivekananda College for Women,Kolkata
    it is difficult for a new visitor to understand that what is 'nominal' written for and why is 'reservation' written? There should be headings available to each column in the table in every page of college on ISC. Also, I feel there is no need to mention the name of the person who added that course and points he got as it will just create confusion for those people who have come to ISC to search for colleges rather than earning points and money.

    Similar case for the college, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana
    Also, the courses are added in this college in a random manner. It seems a bit confusing. Shouldn't the courses be put in an organized manner with B.Tech courses together and M.Tech together so that it is easy to understand?
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    Rachit Bansal,

    Thanks for the suggestions. When editing, we have been removing the words like nominal, etc which are not really informative. In fact, with reference to the college to which these have been put in, those courses have been deleted and should not be visible. We will let the admn. know of this.

    The reason why the name of the person appears and the points and cc is that, for one, editors will know who had added the details in case later we need to check back for any reason; secondly, it will intrigue visitors that points and cc are there and may interest them enough to register as members and contribute.

    The randomness of courses occurs due to courses being added randomly by a contributing member, sometimes by different members and not in a systematic way of first B.Tech. and then M.Tech., etc. We will, though, let the admn. of your suggestion and whether it would be feasible to have the courses arranged more systematically by an automated system.

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