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    Compare colleges feature

    Since India Study Channel is all related to India and its education, I think there should be a compare college feature on ISC website. Unfortunately, many Indians prefer the quality of college over their choice of course. Most of the leading education and college admission websites have this feature and it is becoming quite popular among students.There should be a separate option for college comparision in the website where ISC members can add the comparision between various colleges.
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    A very good suggestion by the author. In this context I want to mention some points. First and foremost is that we have to do the comparison streamwise as that is the main parameter. Another aspect is people want to be near their residing states or places so place wise ranking also becomes important. There are other parameters which are also important like quality of teachers, infrastructure, campus recruitment etc. So based on various parameters a college or institution will be judged. So a panel of editors will be required to go through these parameters and decide the ranking.

    On the other hand a ISC member can only submit a comparative chart where the facilities in the college are mentioned as against these parameters.

    Further, these charts are to be made on academic year basis as rankings might change every year.

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    Rachit Bansal,

    I am not sure how far this would be technically feasible to implement. I will put forth the idea to the admn.

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    A good suggestion. We have beeb seeing these comparison statements and charts on many sites. They will give rankings also based on various facilities available like campus, library, laboratories, faculty and play ground etc.Also there will be a mention about ranks of the students obtained, percentage passes etc. It will give a better understanding about the college to the students who wanted to make a choice in the available colleges. In Hyderabad some student organisation are printing and distributing the ranks of Engineering colleges to the students who wanted to get admitted into the Engineering course.
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    Vandana ma'am, I know it is a difficult task. It would be even more difficult to update the details regularly in the comparison chart. But as I am pursuing a career in, when I had to choose my college, I was desperately comparing different colleges and similarly, everyone around me was doing the same. Most of the leading websites and platforms provide this feature but as you say, due to technical limits and difficulties in updating the details regularly, their college comparison feature is not as effective as students want. If ISC can come over this difficulty, it would really help it generate much better revenues and make it the leading education website as it was a few years back.

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    A good suggestion & if implemented, many will benefit from it. It is time consuming, and will need too much research as we need to know many aspect & details of schools, colleges & universities. ISC can do it as we have members from various region, streams, profession & even retired who can help in maintaining the correctness & updating the same at regular intervals.
    ISC need to bring in features after seeking the help of students, parents & members who can give ideas which when put together will give ISC an open & most searched site.
    Such suggestion & feedback will gives more broad & insight to the need of students & also help ISC to grow & give true value to the name of the site.

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    This is definitely a good idea. There are many members who will be interested and are able to make contributions in that new section once it is approved. Though ranking of colleges or institutions is not an easy task but one can give ones opinion based on certain common parameters.
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