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    EBook writing contest sequel! Registrations open

    Dear ISC members,

    If you remember, in the month of April, we declared an eBook writing contest which revolved around a struggling cricketer from being amateur to professional. Now let us build the life and career of Manushi (the protagonist of previous eBook contest) post her World Cup win. We wish to develop an eBook sequel which constitutes various struggles and achievements of Manushi. It may be completed by her retirement, to be decided later once the story unfolds.

    The rules to this eBook writing contest and the respective prizes will be mentioned in a separate contest thread. This thread is for participation registration.

    We wish to introduce a unique aspect in this eBook writing contest by inaugurating the chapters of this eBook with the first chapter being written by the fourth prize winner of the previous eBook writing contest. Therefore, the first chapter will be written by Shampa Sadhya. We would request Shampa Sadhya to respond in this thread as an acknowledgement of her acceptance to write the first chapter.

    If she fails to acknowledge or write the first chapter within time, then the next author in line will be writing the first chapter and so on. All the members registering here will be writing chapters once her chapter is submitted or in the order of registration. The time limit (that is start and finish time) will be posted in the contest thread.

    Note: Selecting Shampa Sadhya doesn't indicate that she wins a definite prize for this chapter. After she and other authors write and submit the chapters, all the chapters will be judged by our panel of editors and the best will win.

    The list of authors and the order of writing chapters will be published in the contest thread after the registration closes here.

    You can also put your queries related to this contest in this thread.

    All the previous authors are welcome to participate as we would consider the total contribution in terms of points of the authors in both the contests, which will result in the highest points' winner getting a bumper prize.

    New authors are also requested to participate, as the winners of this contest will be judged separately and prizes for this contest will be declared separately. Therefore, please register your names for writing this eBook here.

    This eBook will be a concluding book to the previous one and thus it would likely contain more chapters than the previous one.

    Registration is opened again as few memebers missed their deadline. Requesting members to register for writer further chapters in the eBook.
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    Count me in.

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    I am fine with the idea. I would love to write the first chapter.

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    Count me in for this contest!

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    I am interested in participating in the contest. You can consider my name for the same.
    always confident

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    Pls consider my entry for the contest.

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    I shall write a chapter.

    @ My humble request. Please don't make the e-book as a Kichadi book by including the responses from the contest author or queries from members. Let the e-book have only the chapters. All other orders and instructions should be posted in this thread only.

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    I am also interested. Count me too
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    I am interested in contributing one of the chapters of this ebook contest. Please include me.
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    I am interested too.

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    Please count me in.
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    I am also interested in contributing a chapter to this proposed ebook contest. Please include my name . Thanks.
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    Very happy to receive all these registrations, but please show more enthusiasm. We want to enroll at least 20 chapter authors for this eBook. Please hurry up.
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    The eBook contest has been announced. Meanwhile keep on registering as this page will be closed soon.
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    I am too interested to contribute a chapter for this succeeding part of the e-book. I want to give my nomination for the same.

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    As I will be out of India for a considerable period, I won't be able to take part although I am very interested to do so. Best wishes to all participants.
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    I have submitted the first chapter during the stipulated time frame. I want to know that suppose there is a typo or a minor grammatical error then may I edit it, or I shouldn't?

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    Iam also interested to be part of this Ebook writing contest. Consider my name for the nominations.
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    if you find out the mistake and edit it before the author posts next chapter, then it's fine. However, it is suggested to read the submission carefully before submitting. Read it once or twice just after submission and if need edit then and there. If you realize the error 5-6 hours after posting the submission of the chapter, then it makes no sense as the next author is probably working on the chapter that you posted already. So in that case, it's better to not attempt editing it then.

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    One announcement is that the registration is reopened here for further registration. We will publish the name of the chapter writers after the members put their names here and we will do so in the contest thread.
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    Everyone, since the organizer cannot submit a third consecutive response, I am posting the instructions here, on her behalf -
    1. Due to the confusion about non-submission of chapters, the last registered participant, that is, Ajai B Maliackal, will still be allowed to submit his chapter but must do so by tonight, 12 midnight. If he does not do so, the chapter will be submitted by the next newly registered participant.
    2. We will accept a maximum of four more new registrations up to 10a.m. tomorrow. If four more new registrations come in by that time, further registrations will not be accepted. However, those who missed out on submitting their chapters will not be allowed to register again.
    3. The fresh list of new authors to write the chapters will be updated in a response in the contest thread as well as in this thread.

    In case the participants require clarification, they may post their queries in this thread only and not in the main contest thread.

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    Madam ME,
    Since there is no one here to continue the e-book, why not you give the sincere members who already wrote the chapters, a second chance to write the next chapters? This will increase the number of chapters in the e-book beyond 20.

    No life without Sun

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    Discussions are on with the contest organizer to take a final decision. Please wait.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    As no other registration have poured in due time, the registrations are finally closed. One of the existing participants will be selected for writing the conclusion. He or she will get some enhanced cc and points for that. That participant is being finalized and will be announced shortly. Please look into your messages for a message from the editors to write the conclusion. All the best to all the participants.
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