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    What are the sports where senior citizens can participate?

    There are a large number of senior citizens in our country. Almost all of them are retired from active workplace life and now passing their old age according to their family or social engagements and hobbies. Generally in old age people suffer from different ailments and have to manage their life with the regular intake of supporting medicines or other measures like light exercises and Yoga practices.

    Those seniors, who are physically fit can attempt some of the outdoor sports or games to keep themselves busy and fit. Can you suggest such sports activities which do not exert them but help them in maintaining their stamina and vigour? If they undertake such activities how much time should they give daily for it as indulging for longer times might prove adverse to their health due to old age.

    Please share your experience in the matter.
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    As per my views, there cannot be any defined sports for old age. It is because everyone has different physical conditions, different interest, and different availabilities.
    I remember my childhood days when we (me and my cousins) used to play cricket in the open lawn area in front of my house and my dadaji was also an active player among us.
    My dadaji was suffering from muscular dystrophy and was on a wheelchair during his last days but his energy could not stop him from playing cricket. He used to ask us for a runner who can run and take runs on his behalf during his batting. He was a freedom fighter and was very enthusiastic even during his 90s.


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    Indore games are better for Senior Citizens. Carams, chess and playing cards will be a good time pass for senior citizens. Cycling for small distances and walking are also good exercises for them.
    Regarding sports, I think Billiards is the best game for Senior Citizens. They can play Badminton very easily. ButbVolly ball and Basketball are difficult for them. Cricket can also be played to some extent. Table tennis is also Ok up to 70 years of age. But both the players should be of similar age. Otherwise, it is difficult. The selection of the game we want to play should be based on the physical condition of the person.

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    Age is just a number, what really matters is physical fitness. People who take health for granted, when they are young, are more likely to suffer from age-related ailments as they age. A fitness routine and proper diet are essential to enjoy good health even in old age.

    My neighbours are an excellent example. The man is in his eighties and was playing tennis, every morning, until last year. He still plays, when he can find someone to play with him. His wife is in her seventies and does all the housework.

    And then there are some young neighbours who are in such poor health that you have to just look at their bodies and you can tell.

    It depends on the individual's level of fitness and interest. My husband is 63 and his fitness routine will put any youngster to shame. He does 100 push-ups and lifts weights as part of his exercise routine on alternate days. In fact, both of us walk with weights in our hands. Though I am not a senior citizen yet, I carry 1 ½ kg in each hand and he carries 2 ½ kg in each hand when we go for our evening walk. We climb 7 storeys after our walk/run/jog of nearly 10k.

    Seniors can play whatever sport they like, as long as their health permits. It may not be advisable for someone with a heart condition to exert themselves.

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    I have also similar views on this matter, as some other members have opined, that age is not the criterion but the physical fitness is the main thing to keep a person active in the latter phase of his or her life. Table tennis and badminton are good choices. Billiard is a slow game but there is movement involved and one is practically walking around the table in between. However it is more of a pass time than exercise.

    If the senior person is able to play outdoor games then it is definitely a good thing otherwise gardening is a very good hobby which has element of exercise embedded in it. Those who do not have gardens or balcony gardens they can go to the common parks and gardens nearby and contribute there. I have seen many seniors voluntarily doing work in public parks.

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    I think this should be a choice depending on the physical fitness of the person in question. If someone is fit enough to play outdoor games, he or she should go forward and play. I personally know a cricket coach in Kolkata, now aged about 70 years, who plays way better than many junior players he train. His fitness, running between the wickets, body balance everything is just amazing still at this age.

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    As the writer has asked for some outdoor sports for senior citizens who have retired from work & are looking for keeping them fit and at the same time engaged, I would like the below sports :
    1. Badminton - It can be played with same age group or with different. Can be played as singles or doubles. If they have 3-4 friends, all can come together, play & keep their fitness.
    2. Volleyball - It will certainly help is keeping engaged & at times interesting to keep the game going.
    3. Golf - If he/she can afford, can join a golf club.
    4. Billiard - Not only it passes your time but is really interesting but less exercise.
    5. Table tennis - It is a good sport & also good for body.
    6. Jogging - Though not a sport, will help you maintain your stamina & good for the body.

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    There are many games which senior citizens or aged people play. There are many veteran events in every game. The best example is Mr. Fauja Singh. He is a British Sikh and at the age of 90 plus he has completed marathon in 5 hours 40 minutes. He holds several records in Athletics.

    I have seen senior citizens playing out door games like Golf, Lawn tennis and indoor games like snooker/billiards , Badminton.

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    According to me, Cycling is the best sport activity or exercise for a senior citizen. It makes them fit and perfect with all body movements. There won't be any ailment. It keeps all the moveable parts of the body in a fit condition.
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