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    How do you feel when you come back home from the tourist places?

    Tourism activity is expanding day by day and more and more people are going out to visit tourist places or other places of interest. Depending upon ones financial condition and interest in visiting places, one undertakes these trips a few times or more in a year. It is estimated that tourism as a industry is going to grow phenomenally in the coming times.

    After the visit to a specified place, having performed the journeys required and having done the sight seeing in the places, we return home with the memories of our visit and of course the lovely photographs and selfies of the place. At the same time most of us are definitely tired after the hectic schedule and want to take some rest and relax in the cosy atmosphere of our homes.

    Many times we feel that though we had a nice time during the outing but there were issues pertaining to outside food, hygiene and inconveniences in hotels or guest houses and only when we return we find that now we can lead the life in our own ways having choice of food and the ultimate convenience of our home.

    Did you have such feelings anytime after returning from a trip? Please share your experience.
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    Well I have a mixed feeling. Of course I feel a little sad because my vacations are going to end and the day to day works will soon begin again. However, if I am a long trip or away from home for some other reason, I start missing my home. I miss my own room, I miss my own cozy corner of my bed. When you are travelling, particularly travelling on a budget (which frequently happens to middle class persons like me who cherish a deep wanderlust but seldom has the money to fulfill it), travelling may not always be comfortable. Shabby accommodations, bumpy rides, crowded transports are part and parcel of a budget travel. Sometimes they are indeed fun and adventurous, but at times you start feeling weary of them and start missing your home. That happens to me if the tour is a bit longer, like 15-20 days or so. Also, if the tour is longer then expenses are also significantly more. At the end of the tour I start feeling broke. I am often almost go broke after going to tour because I tour several times a year. So coming back home gives me relief because I can manage at low budgets at my home which is not possible in a tourist place. Coming back home means I can start saving money afresh for the next tour, plan for it, dream for it, and look forward to experiencing a new place. That is why I said I have a mixed bouquet of feelings when I come back home from a tourist place.

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    It all depend of how we were treated. If we get everything as planned, we feel happy & we tend to promote it to others. If we have bad experience, that it become a horror & we might discuss & even tell our friend, never to visit that place due to the problem faced by us.
    A short visit to new place must be done with the help of good guide or tourist company as they can give the best of that place & value to our money. If we are going by our own, we need to do good research about that place, place to visit, good hotels & the normal cost.
    I had gone to velankanni, many had complained about food & stay but I never experienced as the one who had organised had good knowledge of that place. He had give us a good room, provided us good food & also informed about the mass timings, etc. The scheduled was well informed which gave a good & meaningful visit.

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    The tour programme planning will have a lot of effect after coming back from the tour.
    Some people plan their tour very hectic and they spend most of their time sightseeing. They plan their travel in the nights and hence they will not have sufficient sleep and rest during the tour. So they feel sick by the time they come back.
    Some people plan it very leisurely. They keep some time for rest and they will be on tour for more days. Such people may not that much tired after coming back. Generally, we plan our tours very leisurely. Hence we may not get so much tired. But definitely, we have some tiredness.
    We spend some time after coming back discussing the various places we have seen and we exchange our views. We will share our experiences with our friends who already visited those places. This will go on for some time.

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    I am at Panchgani as NGO attachmevt. I will tell about my feeling after my return.
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    East or west, Home is best.
    Really the feeling after returning from a tour would be great at our home. This has to be experienced, and cannot be explained. Whether we live in a big bungalow or a small hut, it is our home to feel the best after any visit to any place on this earth.

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    'Home sweet home' they say. There is definitely no place like home and the comfort of your own bed and pillow. That being said, I believe that a trip should be enjoyed, even if things don't go as per plan. The idea of going on a vacation is to relax and rejuvenate ourselves, and if we begin cribbing about the temporary discomforts then we cannot really enjoy ourselves.

    Always keep an open mind and cherish the experiences. Yes, the food is never like home-cooked meals, but you know that before you go on the trip. I particularly enjoy the local cuisine of the place that I visit. And we do a lot of road trips and plan our own itinerary.

    Returning home from a holiday means coming to a dust-ridden place. The first thing I do on my return is open all the doors and windows and air out the house, make myself a cup of coffee, order groceries and get down to cleaning the house. I freshen up and rest only after the house is spotlessly clean. I don't remember returning from a trip and complaining of fatigue or tiredness.

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    We plan our tour with many expectations. After visiting the places if we feel that the visit was up to our satisfaction naturally we feel that the money spent was worth. Otherwise we will repent that we have not taken right decision in choosing the place. Before finalizing our trip , it is always better to get proper details of the location and also other facilities like stay, food, transport etc., Otherwise we may have to face difficulties after reaching the place.
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    I feel a bit relaxed and happy when I reach back from a trip especially a hectic trip. The home made tea and food is the real solace after returning. There is no comparison of home comforts. But we also want change from our routine and that way outing is the one of the common solution.
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    Going on a trip is always heartening, but I have some constraints. I don't love to travel much during a trip, so I prefer to stay in one place for a few days and come back home. Nausea is a big problem for me if travelling by bus or car for a long duration, so I wish to avoid a journey every day.

    Well, an end of a tour is sad, but after reaching home, it's a pleasure. Everything seems so dear, although a locked home appears so messy.


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    Yes, we had a terrible experience 3 years back. We had gone to Nepal to visit the Pashupati Nath temple which is one of the shrines for Hindus. Nepal is a good place to visit but the people of Nepal are not good and they were not good hosts for us. Everywhere we could experience some sort of anger towards us. It was a terrible tour. We thought that our return ticket will get confirmed but it didn't and we had to cancel the tickets and book tickets by Volvo bus from Gorakhpur. When the bus took a short halt on the Taj expressway my son met with an accident and was taken to Jaypee hospital in an ambulance and had to undergo major surgery. It was upsetting as we had to spend another week in the hospital and had to visit the hospital for routine checkups. Our tour memories were bitter and had thought if we should not have undertaken the trip.

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    Our family use to go to a relative house rarely which would take 12 to 13 hours travelling by train. Though we get excited to travel but during and post travel it is really difficult to manage health due to outside food, different water types and few situations that we faced during travel or stay. A few years ago when I don't have much knowledge about people and the outside world, me and my mother went to relative house with less money in hand and while returning we missed the train and forcefully we planned to retun by bus. My uncle forced us to board a bus which costs four times higher than train fare. It was really a difficult situation to manage my uncle and my mother. Finally, we boarded the same bus and spent all the money for a bus ticket. We had bitter experience due to this and lost peace of mind. The next day early morning, we got down from the bus with luggage in hand where one bag exchanged. I couldn't see my mother's face as she became anger and I had no clue how to manage the situation because the bag that we missed has few gold ornaments and new dresses. Also that bag which is in my hand is another person's one. I had to hand over the bag to the owner. Blindly i had a hope that there would be a way to get the bag back but no idea how. Just googled and found the information about the bus halting place. I didn't sleep until get the bag in hand. Such a worst experience but god's grace otherwise it could be an incident that has not been forgettable.
    I would like to add some useful information here that would help us to reduce difficulties during and post journey. It is better to have lite food or salad/juice to avoid digestion problem. Hot water bath helps to get rid of body pain and tiredness post journey. It provides fast relief as well.

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    I eagerly wait for a trip as I love travelling. Recently been to a lot of places in Europe. I am never fed up of sightseeing and visiting places of interest. Although service aptarments do make us feel at home.
    Now that my trip is coming to an end after three long months, I am looking forward to get back home and enjoy my routine life.
    East or west home is the best.

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