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    Are we basically lazy?

    You may complain, but a lot of people are lethargic if they had to work hard a little bit. There is no point in debating whether the advent of new technologies made us lazy because all these inventions took place to make things easier for us. The quality of our life has greatly enhanced with each invention but we became too dependent on technology because of our laziness. Calling our family members who are in a different room through a mobile phone is now a reality because of our laziness.

    I was saddened to look at the face of a teenager the other day as he was very disgusted on not being able to order food through a particular app because the app was somehow uninstalled from his mobile device. He knows the name and location of the restaurant and could have easily searched its contact details from Google. But he was stubborn and spent some time to download that particular app.

    Those who search by voice in Google know that many times it gives different information because of the accent of our speech. Well, I found a few people trying this option in Google for a couple of times and when they didn't get the desired result resorted to typing with a gloomy face. From their expression, it seemed that it really hurts to type a few words.

    Are we basically lazy and simply blame the gadgets and technologies for our drawback? If I conclude by saying that the character of laziness has been reinforced by different inventions, would it be wrong?
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    We work as less as possible. When there is no STD in the house we used walk to the nearest STD booth. When there is no mobile we used to walk up to landline in our house. Then came free hand set. As the technology is giving us more and more comforts we are trying to acquire them. In this process people will be more working for earning and having all these comforts.
    Now for us there is no life without a cell phone in the hand. It is not because of laziness. But it may be due to the addiction to the phone. I feel people are becoming more active and the average turnout may be more these days compared to earlier days.
    We observe this even in our offices. Earlier, an accounts department of a medium size company used to have 3 or 4 employees. But these days the entire work is being completed by one employee.
    One thing is true, physical strain is decreased. But mental strain increased a lot.

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    I would put it the other way round. Most of the technological advances and inventions were basically made by smart but lazy people. For example, one day someone thought it is really strenuous to walk around, what about trying to roll a tree trunk and get up on it? Those were the first wheels. Another day someone thought it was really tough to do something by hand so he invented tools for doing it. That is how probably human civilization and technology have advanced.

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    Technology is a blessing only when we use it properly and not get overpowered by excessive use of it. Technology has made our life easy and we can do a lot of things on our cell phones and enjoy the technological advancements in our society.

    However, it is true that we have become lazy and use our smartphones for even calling our family members or nears and dears sitting in the next room when we can easily take steps to that place to call them. If a person needs a glass of water, instead of calling a family member, or walking up to the fridge or kitchen, he dials a number on his phone to call for a glass of water.

    Due to our laziness, a man has become a living robot. Not only our mind, but our bodies also have been chained by our laziness. And we can't blame technology for our lethargic and inactive approach.

    We can take advantage of this technology but we should not get overpowered by technology due to our sluggish and dull approach. We should not miss use or overuse it.

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    Yes, we have become lazy these days with the advent of technologies in every sphere of life.

    I remember in my childhood I used to prefer to travel through public transport or on foot but my kids never want to travel through public transport but by the private vehicle. Also, they prefer doing online shopping as they feel discomfort to go to the shop and buy things unlike us.

    In some ways, technology is good as it saves time but simultaneously it's making us lazy too.


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    Laziness can lead to many ailments and then cost to cure those ailments. Cost is one side, but pain and suffering are the other. In olden days, we walked a little one place to another to use trunk calls and landline phones, but now mobile phones made us lazy. Blaming the technologies of no use. Technologies are invented for our convenience. At present, without technology survival is impossible like a broken right hand. We forgot grindstone at home that our grandparents used and stayed healthy beyond 100 years(not only because of the grindstone, but the lifestyle they followed). Growth of Grindstone: Grindstone to Mixer-grinder to Grinder and finally ready-made batters at supermarket packed in environment unfriendly plastic covers with an expiry date. Appreciable inventions that made us lethargic. Working women have no time to cook and spend time in cleaning and other stuff. Lack of physical activities by sitting for 8 hours at the office and driving to the house by bike and cars. At one point, joining fitness classes like Gymnasium, Zumba, Aerobic and etc. as prescribed by doctors and spending a couple of hours daily to stay fit. It is very simple to stay fit by doing our works at home without a maid's help except for sick period. Laziness is the key for unnecessary expenses, mild to severe diseases, seeking paid help from maid or machines and teaching the same or even more advanced for the next generation as well. Being a working woman, I always say "no" to appoint a maid at my house at any cost. Rather, I find some time to schedule the works and plan to complete them effectively. Involve children to help you complete a work. It gives two benefits for kids to interact with parents and learn to do something with physical exercise. Being active or lazy is in our hands.

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    Laziness is one of the most common attribute of our life. Only thing is people have different degrees of laziness. Some are very lazy, some are moderately lazy while some are not lazy at all and it is the last category which are actually responsible for running this world so efficiently. We only work when there is a motivation other wise generally people feel that it is a wastage of energies. Our understanding of doing work is that there should be a commensurate return of our working. Laziness takes advantage of this mental set up and engulfs us time to time. Laziness is a great threat to our creativity and we must be careful and alert from this evil which pleases us enormously but does more harm in the process.
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    The technology is making people lazy. I have seen people using vehicle to commute even smaller distance less than 200 or 300 mtrs. We need to avoid use of vehicle unless it is absolutely necessary. Walking is very good for health and by not using the vehicle you will also save money. Some of the children are dropped by parents to their schools where the distance is less than half a kilometer. It has become question of prestige for the parents.

    I have also come across people come to park in a vehicle for taking morning walk. People have become so lazy that from their house they use the vehicle to reach the park. Can they not start walking from their house?

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    It is very true that by nature we are lazy. I can not give any scientific explanation for that but we feel happy when we idle. Even the animals come out in the wild when they want to search their food otherwise they simply rest or play with their brothers. We also have that instinct.
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