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    True colors of the politicians.

    If we see the politicians these days we feel ashamed and get hurt. After winning on Congress ticket eight Congress MLAs joined TRS in Telangana. But they have not resigned their MLA posts.
    Yesterday four Rajya Sabha members left TDP and joined BJP. But they have not resigned their MP Posts.

    These acts of these politicians show that they want to be with the ruling party only so that there will not be any harassment for them from the government for the misdeeds they have done earlier. The ruling parties are supporting these people.

    In fact, a real party man should analyse why the party lost in the elections and what are the problems. Then they should have an action plan and work towards getting away from those problems and bring the party back to power. But these selfish politicians are taking care of their self-interest than the party interest. No ethics.
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    Earlier days people join political parties considering the ideology. We rarely saw politicians switching parties, unless there is a conflict in leadership. But now politics has become totally commercial activity. Politicians do not follow any ideology. As long as they get power and positions they will join any party. This present day politics looks a professional working for a company. The person switches company when he gets a better offer.

    This is very bad trend in the Indian democracy. These politicians are cheating the voters. The person who is changing party should not be allowed to continue as MLA or MP. They should go back to the people and seek reelection. Otherwise this a very dangerous trend and the same is harmful to the democracy.

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    That is the irony of our political system. When congress was in power the politician did everything to get included there. The last 70 years of governance is testimony to that fact. These opportunists were always there and are the biggest problem in a democracy. They will always be trying to grab positions in the existing Govt and then take the selfish advantages. The problem is that the ruling party is also in dire need of majority to establish itself as a strong one so they do not ignore these fence crossers.

    Ultimately these opportunists spoil the system and the public suffers. Someone said that politics is a dirty game. He was very right in his contentions.

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    Politicians are always like that. There are many who always select the ruling party as their savours. In earlier times also this was the usual thing to change from one party to other party rather say to move on to greener pastures.
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    I think, these politician shall care for our nation and not their party or their selves. In India at least, people generally know the truth that politicians are selfish and most of them are corrupt and therefore people has no respect for them. We have accepted this bitter truth and therefore no matter how low level of politics is played by these people, citizens do not show interest in that and they just ignore it.
    I think, it is the time when people shall be educated enough to at least understand the role of elected candidates and their parties and citizens powers and rights that can influence these mentality. One of the core job is of media. Media is supposed to educate people on this and shall continuously keep check on such acts of politicians rather than indulging into TRP games.

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    That's what politics is ! Politicians are the shameless creatures who can do anything for their survival.
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