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Will India have an easy win against Afghanistan? Here's a fun MAP activity for the game.
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    India at 2019 World Cup Cricket – Make A Prediction (MAP) 4 - India vs Afghanistan

    Afghanistan is at the bottom of the points' table, but the Men in Blue should not be complacent and take it for granted that they will win. Considering it is the all-important World Cup, one never knows - quite often at a major international competition, the unexpected happens! While Team India gears up to check their bench strength due to some injuries to key players, let's look into our crystal ball and make a few predictions...

    MAP-4: India vs Afghanistan
    1. Who will make the fastest fifty from Team India?
    2. Will Afghanistan make more than 150 runs?
    3. How many batsmen from Team India will get out due to an lbw decision?
    4. Which bowler from Afghanistan will take the most wickets?
    5. Which wicketkeeper will take the most catches?
    6. How many bowlers from Team India will take no wickets at all?

    Closing time: Midnight tonight (IST), 21st June 2019.

    Footnote for newcomers to this activity: MAP is an acronym for Make A Prediction. Correct predictions will get points and cc after the result is declared as for previous MAPs, with no negative marking for incorrect predictions. Only the list of predictions should be put in a response to this thread, with one response per member and no changes should be made once the list is submitted. Refer to the first MAP to know how the points & cc will be awarded.
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    1. Hardik Pandya shall score the fastest fifty for Team India.
    2. Yes, Afghanistan will score more than 150 runs.
    3. No Indian batsman shall be adjourned LBW.
    4. Rashid Khan will take the most number of wickets.
    5. MS Dhoni will take the most number of catches.
    6. 2 bowlers of Team India shall go without any wicket.

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    My predictions are as follows -
    1. Virat Kohli.
    2. No.
    3. Nil.
    4. Rashid Khan.
    5. M. S. Dhoni.
    6. One.

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    1. Hardik Pandya
    2. Yes
    3. 2
    4. Aftab Alam
    5. M.S.Dhoni
    6. 4

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    1. Hardik Pandya
    2. Yes
    3. One
    4. Rashid Khan
    5. M.S Dhoni
    6. One

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    1. Virat Kohli.
    2. Yes
    3. One
    4. H. Hassan
    5. MS Dhoni.
    6. 2


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    1. Hardik Pandya
    2. Yes
    3. Two
    4.Rahid Khan
    5. MS Dhoni

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    1. Rohit Sharma
    2. Yes
    3. Nil
    4. Gulbadin Naib
    5. M.S Dhoni
    6. Two

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    1. Rohit Sharma will Score the fastest fifty from Team India.
    2. Yes, Afghanisthan will Score more than 150 runs.
    3. One batsman will get out due to lbw decision.
    4. Rashid Khan from Afghanisthan will take the most wickets.
    5. Mahendra Singh Dhoni will take the most number of catches.
    6. One bowler from team India shall take no wicket at all.

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    1. Rohit Sharma will score the fastest half-century.
    2. Yes. They will score more than 150.
    3. No batsman from India will be out as LBW.
    4. From Afghanistan, Rashid Khan will take more wickets.
    5. Dhoni
    6. One

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    1.Hardik Pandya
    4.Rashid Khan

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    My predictions are as follow:
    1) Rohit Sharma;
    2) Yes;
    3) 2;
    4) Rashid Khan;
    5) Dhoni;
    6) 2.

    [Invalid entry as submitted after the closing time.]

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    The result -
    1. Virat Kohli
    2. Yes
    3. One
    4. Gulbadin Naib and Mohammad Nabi each took two wickets (either prediction acceptable).
    5. Ikam Ali Khil (took one catch, M.S. Dhoni took none)
    6. One – only Kuldeep Yadav took no wickets.

    Participants can check and let me know in a response to this thread if the points and cc are incorrect. Next MAP will be on 26th June 2019, a day before the match of India vs West Indies. There will be some interesting predictions to make!

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