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    Why are we not bothered about macro problems?

    Across the country, people are facing acute water problems. The need to intelligently use and maximize the availability of water is now felt than ever before. Yet, the macro narrative is only on other issues and a particular frenzy is being whipped up to invite passions for a particular religion, being or at least projected as the main religion. The minorities are sought to be silenced or sought to be made to surrender to the majority rhetoric.

    The mainstream media is also playing ball. In a so-called advanced State like Gujarat, the so-called development has happened to the total negligence of vital social indicators. We need big debates on the relevance of inclusive growth in all places. That Kerala and Tamil Nadu are streets ahead is one fact that needs more research. Will we wake up at least now?
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    Awareness among people are required with regard to the macro level problems being faced by the Country. We cannot neglect the problems like water crisis , environment issues at the cost of development. No doubt development is required , but parallelly we should also take care of the adverse affects of developmental process. Unless we are serious about these issues world is likely to face consequences in future.
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    As a responsible citizen of the country, everyone should think about the country and also the wellbeing of the next generations. Conserving nature and preserving natural resources is very important. No other issue should come before this issue. All other problems should be addressed after addressing these problems only. One should think about these macro problems in micro level and should take all the required actions so that these problems will be sorted out and future generations should not have any problems.
    No other issue should come before these issues. Everyone should treat these problems as their own problems irrespective of their caste, creed and religion and work together to have a better world to live.
    At the same time development is also very important. But these developments activities should not bring in additional threats to the atmosphere and people should not feel they are into the fire from the pan because of these developments. This point should always be kept in mind.

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    Macro problems require a resolution and solution at a massive level. They require national consensus to go ahead for developmental work. No Govt can achieve macro level solutions quickly. It is a long time high budget plan that brings the macro level development. The ambitious project of high ways has taken decades to come to present level. The implementation of Govt schemes at ground level are very crucial for development and it is the place where cooperation of citizens at large is required. Water management is one such area which requires attention at national level. Huge investments might be required for sustaining the water sources but it has to be attempted with full intention.
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    There are so many big problems in the country like water shortage, education for all, population control, unemployment, improving governance etc. Now to address these macro problems Govt has to go ahead in an aggressive way but the problem is that opposition will create hindrance and malign the reputation of the ruling party. So, the plans and measures are significantly delayed. Today everyone is praising the GST regime but when it was tried by the Govt for implementation, no one cooperated. It took years to bring it to its complete implementation.
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