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    Pending threads are not cared for months

    Dear ISC,
    Why do you keep threads in pending section for many months? I could see threads of January, February and May lying idle and uncared by ISC. Is there any chance for those threads to get approved? If yes. When? One of my recent thread has been sent to the pending section. What would be the fate of that thread?

    Why ISC keeps the threads in pending section for so long?
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    Your recent thread is kept pending and the comment on the top is as follows
    "Checking out whether this thread can be converted into an Active GD."
    I think you have missed it. Generally, the Editors when they feel some threads are good for Active GD, they will keep it in pending and in 2 or 3 days they will take a decision and they do as required. They may make it active GD or they may accept it as a normal thread.
    The other pending threads are pending due to the actions to be taken by the concerned members who posted those threads.
    This is just for information.

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    Mr Rao,
    On one side they want to check it out, and on the other side, they want some modification to be carried out by the author. Is it not confusing? Why thread of January and February are still pending for approval or deletion? Should ISC take months to decide a thread?

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    There are a large number of threads/ posts being posted by the members in a month and most of them are supposed to be locked after a period of 10-15 days until unless they are converted to a GD or thing like that. So what is happening is probably the threads are not getting locked in time and then they are floating in the forum section just like that and many members are responding also forgetting that we should not consider old threads for response especially which are there for more than 10-12 days as there is nothing new to add there. So this appears to be a technical problem as there might not be any methodology to get hold of those floating threads and lock them. I do not know the software architecture of the ISC site but this can be achieved by sequencing the old threads as per the date rather than as per the last response bringing them on the top of open threads.
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    I have just seen 6-7 pending threads. Also on the top of every thread, the editor has mentioned that some modification is required by the author. But maybe the author has not checked the same and didn't bother to modify it so these are pending from months. On one of the thread, I have seen what modification an author requires to do still he has not done it and is pending here.

    Your thread is locked and is pending as the editors are checking if the same can be converted into an active GD.


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    Umesh and Sanjeev,
    It is not clear as to what type of modification is required to be done by the author member. If the editor is not happy, he has all the right to modify the thread title or thread summary. Members cannot read the Editor's mind. It is appropriate for the editors to act and approve the thread with their own modification rather than waiting for the members to do it.

    @ I have checked and raised this issue earlier also. ISC is adamantly maintaining silence on this subject.ME/ Editors should come forward and post their response to this query.

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    Sun, I think the authors get the notification of the same on their email and message here on ISC like we do get when our article is kept pending for modification which can only be viewed by the author.

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    Sanjeev Gupta,
    I agree that the author gets the notification or alert for Articles, but never for the forum posts.
    This fact can be confirmed by the Forum Editors. For my past threads or the recent thread that has gone to the pending section, I did not get any notification/alert.

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    Sun, your title suggests a huge flaw on the part of ISC while the fact is that there are just five threads that are in pending status. Of these, one thread each is from January, February, May and two (including your recent thread) from June. While one need not spend much time to understand that your concern about threads in pending status has arisen since your thread has been shifted to pending, it is felt that we need not give undue importance to the same. If an author has some issue or needs some clarification when a thread of his is shifted, he can very well raise a thread and we may do the needful if felt necessary. Let us not make a mountain out of a molehill. When there are so many approved threads that go without/ or just a few responses, I feel we (other than the authors, if required)) need not be so bothered about the pending threads.

    As has been mentioned by others, your thread has been shifted to pending and the reason has been specifically mentioned. I am not sure how you missed that vital point.

    Please note that alerts for some sections are not working due to some technical snag and is being looked into. Following one's thread is an available and better option.

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    Dear members, I agree with this author that ISC keeps many things pending, unapproved for a long time.
    My recent experience is that i have wrote an article namely " Uniform Civil Code and secularism". ( i had written this article on 11th of June, 2019 and still editors haven't reviewed and approved it yet. It's my first ever article on platforms like this and now i am little confused and not understanding what to do and until what time i has to wait to get it reviewed and approved!!!

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    Umang, your point is different from that of the author of this thread. Articles are reviewed as they come up in the queue unless the topic is time-bound. Articles submitted by new members require stricter scrutiny based on various parameters and might take a longer time for review. You have submitted your first article on the 11th of this month only and will be reviewed soon. Though our endeavour is to clear all backlogs at the earliest possible, some delay may become inevitable due to different reasons. Please be patient.

    And, don't you feel it is quite early to arrive at such dead-end conclusions?

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    Saji Ganesh,
    Your response is not a convincing one. After January, June is the sixth month. How long do you intend to keep a thread in pending status? Five months (150 days, 3600 hours) It should either get approved or deleted within a few days. I would say that the editors don't look into the pending section at all. A thread should not lie in the pending section for more than ten good days. The editor should decide to approve it or delete it. One should not see any 10 days old thread pending in that section.

    Whether it is 5 or 50 threads. A thread is a thread. Even a single thread matters a lot. I had raised the issue earlier too, but no editor responded but removed all the pending threads.

    I would blame the Forum editor for not caring the pending section for many months, and also the ME for not overseeing it.

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    Sun, I have no intention to or try to convince you, but I personally feel that other than the editors and the author whose thread has been shifted to pending status, no one need to be really worried about it. Why should one when he does not have anything to do with it? Threads in pending status that require immediate attention are looked into on priority and the rest is taken care of occasionally.
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