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    Are you passionate about it?

    It is said that one has to pursue one's interest in life so that he can wholeheartedly attempt to achieve the targets or goals in that particular area or stream. Just doing something when there is no liking for it will not help. So, the essence is that we have to be passionate about it.

    Everyone who is employed is doing his job whether he likes it or not. It is a question of one's livelihood. How does it matter whether he likes it or not? Will it decrease his efficiency? Will it make him escape from responsibilities?

    Let us discuss what will happen if a person is not passionate about his job. He does not like it. Please share your views on this.
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    I am very passionate about two things in life, cooking and teaching. It is not necessary to take up a profession you are passionate about. Your passion can be your hobby too. Many hobbies that we are passionate about are not job oriented. And many systems for eg. Computers are the need of the hour in every office. Many may not be passionate about working on them.
    A passion can be inculcated, But work needs dedication. Many times we are not happy with our jobs because of the environment. Basically when we begin our career, we are given a choice of a particular subject and we are trained and choose a particular profession. For eg. A student who has chosen medicine becomes a doctor. I am sure he is passionate about his choice. Same is the case with other professions.
    I feel that if a person is not passionate about his job, he will definitely have little interest but for the sake of earning an income he may be forced to do a certain job. Many businesses are inherited too, in many communities the son takes up the work his father has been following. A jeweller 's son may become a jeweller. A farmer's son may become a farmer.
    The poor society does not follow passion, they need to work hard in order to live. The maid who comes to your house does not follow her passion. She needs to support her family. I am sure no one would like to clean vessels or do menial jobs out of passion, although the work may be done with sincerity.
    Therefore it is difficult to say that without passion a person can work well or not.

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    When you take up a job which is of your interest and passion , you will enjoy working. Otherwise your working will become mundane and compulsion. When you take up a job of your interest your involvement and commitment to the job will be at the optimum level.
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    Passion is what motivates people to do certain types of work. If you are passionate about gardening, you like gardening, if you are passionate about teaching, you like it. Anything that you are passionate about, it may be your hobby you like doing it, unlike things that are forced upon you.

    Some people may feel passion for doing their job in a particular field and love doing it. A teacher can be passionate about teaching students, similarly, an engineer can be passionate working tirelessly within his own field; but all may not be feeling same, some may feel burden doing the things which others are feeling passionate about.

    But there is a fact that for supporting our family and to make our both ends meet, some have no choice but to take the burden for the sake of the earning livelihood and feeding family. Here it is not about passion but about the livelihood.

    I feel anything that a person is passionate about should try to make it a career to get away from the unnecessary burden and enjoy life.

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    I think passion in life is one very important thing which keeps us glued to our hobby or interest. Passion is a positive attribute. It motivates and encourages us to do the things which otherwise look as a difficult task. Without passion the zeal to swim ahead is missing. It is a dynamic thing in our life making it possible to succeed in our mission. In essence lack of passion in a person is a life analogues to a dead wood stump.
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    Passion and job is an entirely different perspective. A very few people get a chance of doing the job which is their passion. A few choose the other job without interest may be due to parents coercion, family circumstances or any other. Though productivity would be high when you do an interesting job, it is not good to hate the job which is helping you to survive with an image in society. Personally, I was very keen to study Psychology but I scored low marks in the respective subjects and chose the IT field. Still, I do my job with passion. I believe in saying everything happens for a good reason. Goodness could be either for ourselves or to others. Sometimes, the job may have less value in the industry though you are interested. And so, your well-wishers don't support considering your well-being. Of course, money is essential to living peacefully. I suggest doing the interested job parallelly for self-satisfaction. For example, I like to do craft works. Though my well-wishers give suggestions to take it as my career, I wish to do it in my leisure time along with my job.

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    Doing a job like a machine is something different from doing the job putting our heart on the job. If we like our job and we have a fascination with the work we are doing, we will do a better job. I have seen many people in my long service of 35 years in many offices, people who love their job will stick to the job for more time and they will get promotions in the same place. But some people change the jobs frequently till they get a chance which suits them. Then they will continue there and get god promotions. But some people will do routine work and pass on their time. Such people will not flourish in their job and continue their work in the same job without any progress. They come in time, perform work and go back. That gives an indication that they have no liking for the work they are doing and as they require some money to live they are working and they work like a machine only.
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