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    Ill effects of excessive use of body sprays, deodorants and perfumes.

    These days people extensively use body deodorants and perfumes. It is particularly more among youngsters. We are all well aware that these body sprays and perfumes contain certain chemicals that are harmful to our health. Certain studies have proved that the chemicals in these body sprays are likely to cause allergic reactions causing asthma and other breathing difficulties. It is also stated in the reports that the extensive use of body sprays will also increase the risk of cardiac problems.

    The companies spend huge amount of money for the advertisement of these body sprays and perfumes and lure prospective customers in many ways. These body sprays are very expensive and people, especially youngsters, spend huge money on these.

    Are you aware of such ill effects and do you use deodorants?

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    All the cosmetics, sprays and lotions contain some chemicals which provide nice smell and glow to the user but these chemicals have their side actions also. Occasional and limited use of these synthetic materials is all right but using them left and right regularly is not a good practice as they may cause ill health and other problems in the human body. I think we should not use these harmful materials especially on a regular basis. For some people, it might be a compulsion as they are in drama or film industry and have to take up the makeup but why other people should indulge in using these harmful products.
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    Advertisements have the capability to appeal people attention and get addicted to something in the market. Whether it is good or bad is secondary. The only thing is other people are doing and if I don't do, it could be an honor issue. A strong odor is key for headache and allergic ailments. There are many varieties available in the market only a few I'm aware to list 1) liquid perfumes 2)Gas perfumes. I just got to know from advertisements. Perfume selection has become a trend in fact. Since my father worked in abroad countries, my friends and relatives to demand perfumes. But, me and my father never been attracted by these chemical products. Instead, using fabric conditioners may have mild fragrance over clothes rather than chemical liquids over the skin. My personal suggestion is Javadhu powder. I believe it is still a natural product(as many natural products are contaminated). It's better to use it over clothes as per the fragrance level. Simply, it's good to keep ourselves clean by taking a bath twice a day to avoid depending on chemical liquids/gas.

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    Synthetic chemicals especially in beauty and fashion industry are very harmful for our body as they can affect our health in various adverse ways. People are suffering allergic reactions and other serious ailments because of using these sprays and lotions in their daily life. Still many of them are addicted to the odour and pleasant smell of these preparations due to which they are selling like hot cake.

    The first time I used some of these sprays I got a bout of allergic sneezing and uneasiness and on the recommendation of a doctor I completely left using these artificial accessories. These chemicals are not only affecting our health but they are degrading the environment also in various ways.

    Knowledge is power.

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    All these chemicals are not good for our lives. The moment we get up in the morning we start our day with toothpaste which is a combination of various chemicals and our day will end up with again cleaning our teeth with again with toothpaste. Like this way, we go on consuming various chemicals for various purposes. Many of the chemicals are not good for our health and give many health problems.
    Sprays, deodorants and perfumes are used by many people these days. They contain very hazardous chemicals which will have ill effects on the body and do a lot of harm to the body. So it is advisable not to use them. It is advisable to use natural materials like turmeric etc.

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    Due to climatic conditions & other factors, majority of us use perfumes, deodorants, cosmetics in one form or the other. All these products contains toxic chemicals which in one way provide us fragrances, glow & clear look but on the other hand is life treating.
    All the beauty products have one or the other chemicals can cause an allergic reaction, lower IQs and higher rates of asthma, could mess with our microbiome or the day-to-day operations of your genes, gene instability and even cancer.
    These products are advertised in such a manner that we feel that using these products, we can become one like a hero, miss universe, or can attract people(Men / Women).
    We need to go back to nature and try to avoid or lessen the usage of these product in our day -to-day life.

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