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    How much time you take in having your meals?

    Today, we are living in a modern age where people have no time to spare even for important things in life. Everyone is running with hectic pace in the race of life. As per Ayurveda and even otherwise it is believed that we should eat our food slowly chewing it as much as possible. It is also said that the process of eating should be slow enough so that mind can register it in its entirety. There is definitely a relation of eating time to our health due to various medical reasons.

    Now, many people, whatever their compulsions are, taking their food in a hurry and many of them are finishing it quickly in hardly less than 6-7 minutes. This is too high a speed if to be seen from medical point of view. This is not eating, it is in fact gulping down which is not accepted by body as per its rhythm.

    How much time you take in completing your meals? Are you also in a hurry like so many others or you are having it in a slow pace taking at least 15-20 minutes? Please share your views and your opinions on this important aspect in our lives.
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    A good and important topic to discuss for the current busy life. Taking time to complete meals is always a good practice. It is good for the digestive system to grind the food well enough in the mouth before swallowing. I spend a lot of time to eat less quantity of food compared to others. My friends and colleagues use to wait for me until I complete my lunch at the office. Few people get irritated and run away for work schedules. Well, I don't mind about others. I couldn't say I'm free to have my meals slowly but I give importance to it. I couldn't complete a full meal quantity and I hate to have outside food basically. I like to have food when it Is hotly served and I enjoy it. I believe it takes a few seconds for chewed food to reach the intestine. The intestine has to put more efforts to break the food particles into pulp when the job of mouth/teeth is skipped. Our body is running through messages sent from the brain. It takes a few seconds to pass the information from the brain to stop consuming food as the intestine becomes full. When we rush to complete the food, either consuming air together or more than required. Both are unhealthy. People use to say that I don't put weight because of slow eating. I don't know whether it is true, but it is good to chew properly by spending time for ourselves by giving priority from a busy schedule. It is bad for health to eat when not hungry and not eating when hungry. The more you chew and eat, the more you live healthily.

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    "Norunga Thinraal Nooru Vayasu"- A Tamil proverb means Chew and eat to live for 100 years. It is very essential that we should eat our food by chewing it well. Gulping the food won't help us, and it would affect our health. Why has the creator provided us with teeth? Sit, relax in a comfortable position and eat. Eating by standing should be avoided. Eat when you are really hungry. Don't fill your stomach to the brim. Leave some gap for the air too.
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    We should give sufficient time for taking our food. We have no mechanism to get the eaten food and back and chew again like some other animals. So while eating itself we have to chew it properly and eat the food so that there will not be any problems of digestion. If we eat the food in a hurry it will give a lot of pressure on the digestion system. So we should utilise our teeth properly and make the food like a soft paste and then only we should eat.
    I take about 20 minutes in the morning for my breakfast and 20 minutes for lunch in the afternoon. In the nights I will spend about 25 to 30 minutes for eating. All our family members will eat together. Talking and discussing the matters we spend sometime food. While eating in the nights generally, we will not attend our cell phones and spend fully on eating only with a good conversation among us.
    It is always better to chew and eat food instead of eating fast.

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    Yes, it's true that these days due to lack of time people devote very less time to finish meals even I too do that which is not good for health. I have heard that we should chew our food until it tastes sweet than should swallow it otherwise gulping causes indigestion as our internal organs have to work more to further assimilation. We should understand that chewing and breaking food in small pieces helps our body.

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    It is very very true that we should chew our food slowly and thoroughly if we want that it should get digested well in the body. Unfortunately few people follow this mantra due to various personal traits and reasons.

    When I was in my mid career during my active service I had to travel a lot and I picked up the habit of gulping down my food instead of chewing it patiently. I did not know the implications and got acidity and other discomforts. When I went to an Ayurvedic doctor after consultation he did not prescribe me any medicine but advised to change my hectic life style and out of a few points he told me, one was to chew my food rather gulp it down. I followed those guidelines and my condition improved phenomenally. So eating the food hurriedly is a big mistake many of us do.

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    In this fast paced life, we sheldom find time to eat our food slowly. In schools, colleges and even at our workplace, we hardly get 15 - 20 minutes within which we need to have our lunch or dinner and get back to work. This later becomes a habit and gulping is the solution that we often find suting to the situation. Though we all know its wrong but time matters.
    I have read and even heard in schools that
    1. We need to chew at least 32 times before gulping it in.
    2. We need to sit and have our food as it adds flavor to our food.
    3. Do not talk while eating.
    4. Always pray before eating.
    5. Do not drink water but if required, can take a sip as it helps in proper digestion of food.
    6. Eat your food slowly.

    We often try to forget these basics but its not by consent but due to our life style. Lets try our best to go back to basics and live a healthy life.

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    Due to daily busy schedules, people have no time to have proper food. Everyone falling prey to junk and ready made food. In order to have proper digestion one should take sufficient time in having their food. Proper chewing helps our body in absorbing nutrients from the food items.

    In order to maintain good health, proper intake of food plays a vital role. We need to enjoy the food and should not force the food on to our body. The forcing of food to our body has its own adverse affects.

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