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    How to dig out authentic information from the internet?

    Internet is an ocean of data, knowledge and information. You can get whatever you want in whatever format you like. Only thing is you have to search the things in an intelligent manner. Using keywords and phrases giving the best desired result is crucial to internet search.

    At the same time internet is full of misleading and fake sides and certain data are not authentic and are in fact incorrect. So the people who are digging out information or mining out data from internet are sometimes at their wits end.

    In such a scenario how can we get authentic information in the net? Please share your experience and views on this issue.
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    The issue raised by Mr Umesh is extremely important in the present context. A few things can be done to ensure that we extract only the correct information from the net.

    The number one advice that I can offer is to check the reputation of the website. For example, if something appears on the website of Business Standard the news is probably accurate.
    The other thing to keep in mind here is to check for citations (this is especially applicable for Wikipedia articles). If possible check the cited source and see if the information is right or not.

    Another thing that I would like to say is that depending exclusively on one source is also not very good. Check around 2 to 3 websites. The most common version is probably the right one (keep in mind the first point - check only reputed sources).

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    Internet is a good tool which made searching easy. We are able to get information very easily within no time on any subject. The information we get may be correct or may not be correct. All depends on the source web site. There are some reliable sites. But some are not reliable.

    We will get information on same matter from different sources, If the information is the same from these sources we can take it as reliable information, if it differed from site to site, we should collect the solution from some more sites and again we have to search and whatever majority sites gives that can be taken as correct.

    But the information on scientific subjects what I get from these searches were never complete. We can't take that information as full and final. We have to go for a more specialised search from all the journals. This will take more time but definitely less than the time required for manual searching by going to libraries.

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    Internet is like a large library which has voluminous collection of information. it will be up to the information seeker to look for or search for specific data or information one is looking for. We can search for specific data by refining the key words of searches.
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    It is better to visit some reputed site instead of digging data from everywhere. Sometimes it is advisable to go to the Govt sites where generally confirmatory information is available. In each category there are some professional sites which are very concerned for the authenticity of data and try to maintain it to keep their customers continue visiting their site. We should prefer them for our reference.
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