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    How to start writing article

    Sir, i want to write article on this site, but i can not understand that from where i start writting.
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    Dear Indu,
    Just Click Here to get a beautiful article on Article writing tips. Hope that article would be helpful to write an excellent article.

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    You can see the index of articles on this site. There are two or three articles which will give good information and tips with respect to article writing. Those articles will help you more in understanding the article writing process and guidelines for this site.
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    Welcome to this portal known to its members as ISC and if you have an interest in writing, believe me, you are at the right place. This site is not only for the writers but also is tailor-made for them who want to learn writing. You have shown interest in writing articles. There are a few basic things in this regard and they are what is the theme or subject of your article and how you are going to present your content. So first you have to make a skeleton or format of your article that you will be starting from introduction of your subject and then describe the things you want to tell in your article emphasising each and every detail pertaining to that subject and then conclude your article with an endnote. That is the usual process which writers follow. If you are a new entrant to this just write articles on science, biology etc., that you are reading in your school, like 'The structure of a human cell'. No subject is inferior, what matters is how you present it.

    Take care of your spellings and syntax. They are very important and if not followed properly will kill even a good article. Now a days writers are using some apps like 'Grammarly' which will correct your text for basic spellings and syntax. You can import your draft in that and it will ask you to correct it at several places. It is a good idea to use such apps especially when you do not have much inclination to edit your drafts.

    We learn by examples. So go through the articles in this site so you will come to know the benchmarks here. Do not bother if your articles are rejected. Just correct them and resubmit. No one is perfect in this world and every one has learnt that way only.

    All the best.

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    Indu, a warm welcome to ISC! Being a new member here, I have a few suggestions for you.

    It would be better if you spend some time in ISC and get acquainted with the guidelines and policies of this site before venturing to post an article. Read and understand the Posting Guidelines for different sections and also go through all the Help Topics. It would be of help to you if you go through the contents posted in different sections so that you gather an idea about the requirements of this site.

    ISC, basically being an educational site, is different from the common social networking sites. The contents posted here are subject to moderation. Grammar and spellings are given due importance and so one should try to be careful about the same while posting contents. (For example, you have used 'I' in the lower case in your thread which is wrong. It should have been in the upper case).

    To begin with, be active in the forum section and once you get to understand the nuances of this site, you can gradually move on to other sections. And remember, posting contents that are copied from other sources, even if it has been written by you, is strictly not allowed in ISC.

    Hope you got the points I have mentioned. Be patient, have the will to improve and be interested to ensure that you enjoy and benefit from your association with this site. All the best!

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    Article writing is an creative art and one has to excel in it with practice, patience and pondering. In the beginning things will go haphazard and clumsy. Do not mind it. Try to improve. Those who have a willingness to improve succeed and prosper in life. There might be multiple revisions and corrections. Let us do them.

    When I joined this site I had some experience of writing but when I submitted my articles here I was asked to correct them as regards to spellings, syntax, HTML tags etc and many times I was told that article was too small (less than 500 words) and things like that. So I took it in the usual way which you can say sportingly and today my articles are being accepted in the first go. So, that is the improvement I have learned here. This site is a very interesting site in the sense that here you can learn while contributing.

    I will advise you to contribute in the forum section as well as try to attempt the contests like ebook writing, writing on a given topic (these are generally limited to 150-200 words and for new comers they are very handy) and slowly you will find the difference in your writings and posts. Stay for longer here if you are really interested in improving your creative channels in the field of writing.

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