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    Integration of the North-East into the national anthem

    There are some issues in our country which are barely noticeable as a problem for a long, long time. Suddenly they flare up but the din barely lasts a few days. The inclusion of the North-East into the national anthem is one such issue. The issue managed to grab at least a tiny space in national dailies as Rajya Sabha MP from Assam, Ripun Bora brought a Private Member's Resolution to this purpose.
    Now it is important to remember that freedom fighters like Rani Gaidinliu and music maestros like Bhupen Hazarika come from this region. The songs and dances of the Assamese Bihu have added a unique diversity into the Indian cultural fabric.
    There can be debates as to why a universalist like Tagore ended up ignoring the North-East (by the way, Hazarika's greatness could not be showcased during Tagore's lifetime). But I suppose independent India can do something to recognise the presence of North-East. Inclusion into the anthem is a symbolic gesture after all, but who can deny the importance of symbolism?
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    I think it was not ignored but was covered in one of the words as coined for Bengal and its adjacent areas. The cultural diversity in the country is so much that we can not include each and every corner in the national anthem. It is the spirit that works and not the name. There are many words in the national anthem which denote an entire region rather than a particular state. More states will emerge in future and they will claim their share in anything of such national interest. I do not see any need to modify the national anthem. It is an adopted piece of literature and its heritage value is there and I opine that let it be there like as it is to preserve it also for our future generations.
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    Is it possible to modify our national anthem? I do not know what is the legal procedure to do so but the question is whether such a thing is required. The words in any national song are generally indicative rather than discreet. They symbolise their purpose, which I feel is well met with this particular song.
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    National anthem need to stand as it is as we may find fault as time passes on each and everything.
    1. It was on 24th January 1950 that this song was officially declared as India's national anthem.
    2. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose commissioned a free translation of the national anthem from Sanskritized Bengali to Urdu-Hindi.
    3. In 2005, many protested and called for deleting the word Sindh and to replace it with the word Kashmir as Sindh is now a part of Kashmir.
    4. In 2015, Rajasthan Governor, Kalyan Singh has called for replacing the word Adhinayaka with the word Mangal.
    5. Now, Congress MP Ripun Bora demand of replacing the word 'Sindh' with 'North East India' in the National Anthem.

    "Then President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad had in a statement on January 24, 1950 said the composition consisting of the words and music known as 'Jana Gana Mana' is the National Anthem of India subject to such alterations in the words as the Government of India may authorise as occasion arises," the resolution said.

    But by adding or altering words give them the status. The song written was given importance to every region as a whole and not in personal. We must not question why this was done by the writer. Was it a mistake or by deliberate. The only solution is to keep it as it is and we need to follow it as we have followed it till date. Why do politicians seek refuge in dividing people or region than uniting them.

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    India is a very big country with many diversities and different castes, languages and mentalities. But India is a country which is a good example of Unity in diversity. So we should never see whether all areas covered or not in the National Anthem. India as a whole country should progress with equal progress in all areas and places. That is why BJP is giving a lot of importance to the development of the Noth East region. That is what required more than any other issue. The government should see that all the people in various states should develop equally. There should not be any imbalance between one state and another state. Once it is ensured there will not be any problem.
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