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    Caring and sharing, Railway employees' style!!

    It is always interesting to observe how people behave. Their socialization patterns. Their jokes, their concerns, and their thought patterns. Thanks to the very extensive EMU train network in Chennai, it is interesting to note that a massive number of Railway employees happily live at Arakkonam, a small town, a neat 69 kilometers from the prestigious DR. MGR Chennai Central Station.

    What is so special among them? This author was aghast to find, at least on six recent occasions, so much of caring and sharing among themselves. They way they share their breakfast and eat in the EMU trains is a big lesson by itself. As a rule, all of them are headed to a place called Perambur, that houses the Integral Coach Factory. Or sometimes they are employed in the lower administrative positions in the Southern Railway office at Chennai. Each guy gets food that can suffice for at least one more. The dishes are mostly the typical South Indian items. The jokes that get shared are so lively. The sharing of experiences of those who cook their own food is so interesting. They just chat aloud and are often seen occupying at least fifteen seats at a stretch. When their "comrades" join in the other stations, the fat fellows are allowed to sit down.

    Their life is a real lesson in caring and sharing. No difference based on caste or religion. Have members seen something similar in your places?
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    A good example of caring and sharing in a closed group of people. It is very true that no group can survive if they do not have strong bonds of unity and caring for each other. This is the most wanted attribute in a group. These people have developed a long time relationship which has proved its worth also and they know that the mantra to navigate effectively is unity of the group. Another interesting thing is to break the monotony of the life, the group is the ideal source of joy and happiness.

    Long back I had seen in Mumbai local train a group of people moving to a common work place and they were doing singing and kirtan (reciting poems in praise of God) and I came to know that it was their routine. What a good way to pass your journey time so nicely. Later I came to know that they were presenting their musical skills in local functions also whenever they were called there to perform.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I have often seen this on Mumbai trains. The office goers have their own group who join from different stations. They may not be working together but are a bunch in the train. In the morning, you will see them singing bhajans & in the evening, it's time for Old is Gold, Regional, or even some peppy numbers. The group have their own boogie and their friends join them from different areas. They enjoy their journey. It is actually a stress buster after a hectic day in the office. There are others who are busy playing cards and others are busy in their common talks.
    The food and clothing is taken over by the women group. These you find in ladies compartment. These are just a view of local trains.

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    An excellent account of positive group dynamics presented by the author. These groups may not have formal MBA education but they know how to be in a group and contribute effectively and efficiently. They are using their journey time in a positive way and that is a remarkable thing.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I have observed this in Bengaluru local trains too. The local trains operate between KSR Bengaluru and Bangarpet. It is always crowded. Occasionally, I travel from Hoodi to KSR Bengaluru and return by a train leaving Bengaluru at 1810 hrs. I always used to travel by the bogie next to the engine. There I find a group of people occupying the same seats regularly every day. Since I used to be the odd person in that group, they used to look at me and ask me my journey details. They will be comfortable after I alight at Hoodi. They spend their time in chatting and playing cards.
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    They are now dime a dozen in other cities too. Even the local passenger trains that are regular trains have them aplenty. For example, the trains that operate between Mettupalayam and Coimbatore or the EMU that runs between Salem and Coimbatore or the passenger train that runs between Palghat and Coimbatore. In each of these trains, when quizzed, the group of young men would reply that they work with the Railways. Of course, today, there are the BPO groups, the self-help groups of women and so on. The women happily chat amongst themselves on even business strategies and how to get new loans and so on. They are somewhat not regular, as they seem to be working full time in some town or the village near the town. India is such a complex country and since people get to do different things for their survival, it is very interesting to observe the train journeys.

    Some years ago, bus travel was much cheaper than train travel and hundreds of thousands would only travel by buses in Tamil Ndau. Today, the fares seem to even higher than AP or Kerala. No one wants to travel by bus for regular work. Only the upper-middle-class traders seem to be preferring the inter-city private sleeper buses since they do not find accommodation in the regular trains like Nilgiri Express or the Cheran Express, both of which are jam packed at any point in time, and run between Coimbatore and Chennai.

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    A B Sivakumar,
    You have written "This author was aghast to find" - Aghast? Incorrect vocabulary?

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    In hindsight, I guess it was wrong. May be, I should have just mentioned as "surprised". You are correct.

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    Nice. Caring and sharing are very important. These days we are seeing this trend in many places.
    There is a factory in Hyderabad which is a very old company and one of its kind when it was established.
    Here I have seen a good practice. All the employees contribute one day's salary of them and keep it as a reserve fund. This amount will be given to the employees who are having a very important need on no interest basis. That will be deducted from the salary of the employee in instalments as per his capability. This process has saved many workers when a big need arose and they need not suffer for paying the interest. There will be a committee to manage the entire handling and if any employee retires the contributions made by him will be given back without any interest.
    I feel this is also a good example of caring and sharing.

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