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    The puzzle of unemployment.

    Since independence, we are crying and fighting for employment. Our understanding of a job is a vacancy which should be available for us, of course, commensurate with our qualification and skill. There was a time when Govt recruited a lot of people in Govt services whether so many were required or not and that is still a matter of discussion but today Govt wants business. It wants to curtail its expenditure and desires to create an atmosphere which is conducive to business and gives opportunity to the people for self employment.

    Unfortunately, our mind set has not changed and we do not know how to make ourselves employed in this situation. Only a few entrepreneurs are getting success who have some idea as how to go ahead. The Mudra loan scheme of the Govt was an effort in this direction only.

    Now, it is clear that Govt jobs will be minimal but there will be jobs in private sector and hopefully a conducive atmosphere will be there for people aspiring for self employment. Due to population explosion and increase in the number of qualified and educated people, there is tough competition everywhere and it is going to be tougher day by day.

    What are your comments on this situation in our country? What steps can be taken to ease up this situation? How can we motivate people for self employment? Please share your views.
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    With the growth of industries and business development, more jobs should have been created in the private sector but unfortunately the computerisation and efficient techniques of working went against the large number of job creation. Even in labour intensive industries use of modern equipment has made the presence of some manpower as redundant. Now we are in a very tricky situation that we are having efficiency and effectiveness everywhere but it is indirectly increasing the unemployment.
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    The major problem in India is not unemployment, it is under employment. People do not get job opportunities as per their qualification. This is a serious concern and this needs to be addressed. Job opportunities are not created matching with the qualified professionals pass out every year.
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    I agree with Krishnadas that it is underemployment that is more of a problem than unemployment. We are churning out graduates, post graduates and professionals without really being concerned about the job opportunities available.

    Educational institutions are being allowed without any thought about the future of those who manage to add a degree to their qualification. It is, I would say, something akin to procreating children without taking into account the available means to survive.

    Though it was, till the recent past, very common to see educated guys roaming around without a job because they could not find one that commensurates with their qualification, there seems to be some hope because nowadays we find youngsters taking up jobs that come their way irrespective of whether it fits into their choice or desire. We have so many postgraduates appearing for clerical tests, so many engineering graduates taking up jobs in banks and so on. Self-entrepreneurship through startups and even agriculture has started finding many takers now. It is a sad state of affairs but there appears to be no other way out.

    Adding to the woe of the underemployed/ unemployed is the availability of fresh faces for a relatively lower salary for the private sector. Private companies prefer new faces and are not really bothered about their experience because the newcomers are enthusiastic to prove their mettle, they crib less, are ready to take up any assignment and are ready to work for a minimum salary when compared to the experienced hands. The job vacancies in the government sector are very less as compared to the number of job aspirants that are multiplying almost every year and the competition is very tough.

    It is a fact that technology and machines have eaten into a lot of the opportunities that were available to humans but that is a worldwide phenomenon and we can't help it. I don't think it would be easy for any government to find a solution to this problem unless we take the risk and throw up a challenge to the young generation to fight it out themselves with the available resources. Steps to reduce the number of educational institutions for higher/ professional studies and thus reducing the number of qualified people might bring a respite to the competition in the job market. Controlling the population explosion and finding out newer ways and methods to open up maximum opportunities, in addition to the reduction strategy suggested earlier, appears to a viable option with the government. Lowering the standard of life by not being bothered about world rankings would also be a positive step in this direction. Another important and much-debated point that can help in reducing unemployment is, I feel, reducing the age limit for a person to retire from service.

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    The problem of unemployment in the country is getting bigger and bigger day by day. Every year lots of people pass but because of fewer jobs available in the country remain unemployed. This is a very serious issue and is making our youths directionless.

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    I agree that underemployment is the problem than unemployment these days. When the population is increasing and people are getting higher qualifications easily, it will be a real problem for the government to provide a job to all of them. Actually, many of the educated in India will always try for a job under some and he will be happy for the monthly salary what he is getting. But they never think of making their own profession and earn and show some earning path to another 2 or 3 people. The attitude should get changed. There should be more entrepreneurs but not clerks. Our education system should make the students in such a way they will have their own ways of creating money and improving the economy of the country. Make in India is a good such programme
    which will create entrepreneurs and more jobs. The success of this initiative will change the country and will become a well-developed country.

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    The government need to study the current needs of the people. We have a detailed reports of pass out. Every field are full. Government give sanctions to new schools, colleges & even other courses but they are not concern with the openings in that field. Every year we have lakhs of doctors, engineers, graduates, teachers, etc who pass out and are left toppled when they do not find job of their field.
    Now a days, people are open to take any type of job and you can see the change. We will find engineers in bank, in malls, etc. We do find small and odd jobs but when it come to correct allocation, we lag.
    We don't find much openings in government sectors and private sectors use this in their advantage. For 10 openings, we find 10,000 applications. The effect is the cut in the salary.
    Our government need to take steps in providing openings in every field so that our youngsters do not fall astray.

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