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    Please don't try to do this!

    Today, I was going through various news-articles after returning from the official tour. A piece of news attracted my attention. A forest officer, CN Naykka, the Deputy Range Forest Officer of Karwar forest range of Karnataka, is helping a king cobra to drink water from a plastic bottle. There are many links and video links to this story.

    I don't know whether this is fake news or true news. But even if this is true news, I would ask everyone not to attempt this. Snakes are very nervous and unpredictable animals and there is no record that they recognize a particular person. King cobra is the most poisonous snake of India, and it can kill even an elephant within 10 minutes of biting it.

    So, please don't try to follow the forest officer of Karwar range of Karnataka. You may have to pay with your life.
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    A good piece of advice by the author. Now a days many videos whether real or fake are in circulation in the social media and some of them are dangerous if one tries to imitate the action shown there. Parents have to take care of their children in this respect.
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    An important point to be noted. Thanks for sharing. This needs to be informed & spread to everyone as many get carried by such acts and tend to do it. This is fatal and an authorised and responsible person doing such act should be condemned. May try to follow the suit and in turn risking their life.
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    There is a herb called "Seeriya Nangai". This herb is very bitter in taste. It is a herb that is not liked by the Cobras. Cobras never come close to this plant. Snake charmers handle the Cobras by keeping a piece of the stem of this herb in their hand or in their body. People prefer to grow this plant in their houses to avoid Cobras entering the house.

    Anyway, we should never try to feed cobras with milk or egg. We cannot develop friendship or any relationship with snakes, especially with Cobras.

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    To the response of the author I would suggest few more acts that people try for gaining popularity or just for the fun of it, and the result is fatal.
    Taking photographs at crucial points like getting far into the beach, sitting on edges or top of bridges, or posing for pictures on roof tops etc. Many incidents especially of youngsters have been proved fatal, while doing such acts.
    One should always be careful and not risk his or her life for the sake of cheap popularity.

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    A snake is a poisonous animal. We can take any chance with it. It may get wild at any moment and punish you with its bite. So we can't take it easy.
    In a village in East Godavari Dt, a snake used to come to the temple daily. People used to come daily and sit for some time near the idol of God. Then was going back. Slowly people start worshipping that snake. It has not done any harm to anybody. Many people started to come and see the snake as God. The income for the temple increased. After some time that snake died. So the temple committee contacted somebody and brought a snake so that people will come and thee will not be any problem. But after some time that snake has bitten the priest in the temple and vanished.
    The nature of animal will never vanish and we should always keep this in mind and should be careful with these animals.

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    This advice in a land where snakes are worshipped!

    Cobra or 'nag' is revered as a god, by the Hindus. There are communities that feed these snakes milk, especially on Nagpanchami day. Should they stop doing it, for fear of being bitten?

    A Google search shows many images and videos of women feeding cobras, milk from metal tumblers, in a manner similar to as seen in the video that is discussed here. Should the age-old custom and belief also be stopped?

    The forest officer was only doing his duty, he gave the dehydrated snake water, before removing it to a rescue centre. It is a common practice to offer water to snakes that are captured in residential areas. No heroics involved here, just the call of duty.

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    The link you have shared is to a Google search result of Ernst & Young. There is no video of the forest officer in the link.

    Edit: Sorry error there. Link is opening.

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    It's sane advise for people who are not familiar with snakes and their behavior during various times of the year. This video is from March 2017. The King Cobra was spotted in the town that adjoins the Kaiga Power Plant near the forest range. That summer time was also the mating season. The snake was rescued by a snake expert Mr. Raghavendra and the Deputy range forest officer Mr. CN Naykka.

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