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    What about punctuality, discipline and order in our houses?

    We always discuss that there should be discipline and order in our offices or workplace and devise various methods to achieve it. It is understood that efficiency and productivity at the workplace are related to these things. Everyone agrees to it.

    What about our houses? We also require discipline, order and punctuality there. Many people do not believe in it. As per them house is a place to rest and do whatever you want at whatever time. Is it so? If the housewife has prepared the food and the members are taking it at different times depending on their mood then who will be arranging things so many times. Similarly, if people are taking an item from a place and keeping it back at another place then who will search it next time. There are many things in the house which are to be done in an orderly manner and all the members have to share the responsibility.

    Do you also think that discipline and order is required in the house also? Please share your views.
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    Punctuality, discipline and order are very important for all people in all walks of their lives. People who don't have discipline will never shine in their lives. Many people I know who never had any discipline in their life struggled in many ways. We all know that if we are not going to the station on time we will miss the train. So we will always try to go to the station on time. The same principle we have to follow in all walks of our life. Otherwise, we will waste a lot of time and end up losing always. So we should practice punctuality.
    Orderly life is always good. In our house, we should keep the material in designated places so that when we need it we can trace it. If we don't follow this we may not find the material required in time. It will make you lose time and the next work what you have to do can't be done in time. So you will be late for many issues. So these all issues are interlinked and all of us should follow even in our houses without any exemptions.

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    Our first school is our home and we learn everything from our home. If we have discipline, order & punctuality at home, I think we will have much easier ways everywhere we gone. I don't say that our home need to be like a jail, full of rules but yes, certain rules and regulations has to be followed.
    - Common time for having food.
    - Time for studying, tv and games.
    - Time for prayer and exercise
    - Time to sleep and wake-up
    - Time for cleaning and bath.
    These all will teach us to be on time and we may not find it difficult to mould ourself in every situations.

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    I do not think parents are required to teach discipline to their children. When parents follow discipline and set them as examples in their life , children automatically follow them. Too much of disciplines is also not good. There is a tendency among parents to control their children more with a of fear of their children taking wrong steps. It is the duty of the parents to teach their children what is right and what is wrong.

    Parents also needs to change themselves considering the requirements of children of present day generation. We cannot force our choices on our children. Unlike older generation, the present day generation is very well informed and updated with latest information and we need to discuss and consult them before taking any decisions concerning them.

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    Discipline starts from the house. We cannot say that we will be disciplined and punctual at the workplace and won't be at home. There are many things for which one has to be punctual and disciplined. If one has to go for a walk then one should stick to the timings and adhere to it otherwise he or she won't be able to that. Similarly, many people think that when they are at home then they will do rest only but that's not good as we should maintain discipline at home as well as like the other days when we go for work. I have seen many people who change their daily routine on off days like they will take a bath late, will get up late in the morning. These all are not good and one should maintain a routine at home which will cause ease to others and make ourself healthy and fit.

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    Many people take liberty in the house and do not follow the basic rules there. It creates a very unhealthy atmosphere and the house becomes a mad house. In fact we require to behave and act in the house in such a manner that people should be able to coexist by abiding certain basic rules. So, we must be punctual and disciplined in all the respect. Order and cleanliness is a necessity and if we do not follow it the house will be full of clutter and people will simply blame each other and fight. Each and every member has to follow the rule of the house and contribute in the petty jobs. House is a group of people and if they do not follow the decorum it will not remain a place to dwell. Remember it is our own house and its management and up keeping is our baby. No one else will come here to correct the things. A house where members abide by basic rules has a positive aura and that is what brings happiness and peace in life.
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