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    Back to home made natural remedies - Nani ke nuskhe

    In continuation with the post "Ill effects of excessive use of body sprays, deodorants and perfumes, by Mr Krishnadas, I thought of collecting our members own tried or tested " Nani ke Nuskhe" or "Homemade natural remedies" for various daily activities.

    Every Indian family will have their own recipe for cough, cold, hair, skin, eye, allergy, clothes, fragrance etc. I think you can provide your own tried and tested or one your parents or grandparents have used. This will provide a good collection of "Home made natural remedies".

    Do provide your collection in points.
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    The knowledge and information on home remedies are not being passed on to the next generation or the present generation is not keen in knowing the benefits of home remedies. We are rather taking short cuts by looking to Allopathic medicine. It is true that it is necessary to Allopathic medicine to cure certain ailments. But people taking Allopathic medicine even for cough and cold. People take antibiotic medicine which has lots of side effects. Particularly for children we should avoid giving antibiotics unless it s absolutely necessary.

    As indicated by Mr. Varghese there are many home remedies we should try out before going to doctor. The home remedies do not have any side effects and it helps us to improve our natural resistance,

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    Rubbing lemon on the nose helps to remove blackheads. It's a good remedy for the skin as we usually get blackheads around the nose. It is required to be done for at least 10-15 mins 2-3 times a day for the better effect.
    A glass of water with honey helps fight constipation. Drinking a glass of water with honey before going off to sleep improves digestion and helps fight constipation.


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    1. For Cough or sore throat : Take a teaspoon honey, mix little black pepper powder and squeeze little lime juice. Mix it well and have it 2 -3 times in a day. It will surely give a relief.

    2. Pimples : Apply the the early morning saliva on the pimple. It sound awkward but try it. It is very effective. Pimples dries fast and without any marks.
    Incase you are worried about the foul mouth smell, brush your teeth before going to bed, in the morning, you can do it.

    3. White Teeth - To whiten your teeth naturally use activated Charcoal from Rice Husk (Umikkari). You can even add a pinch of salt to it. Wet a toothbrush or can use your finger, dip into powdered activated charcoal and brush teeth as normal. Rinse well, until spit is clear.
    It promotes good oral health by changing the pH balance in the mouth, helping prevent cavities, bad breath and gum disease. It works to whiten teeth by adsorbing plaque and microscopic tidbits that stain teeth. This activated charcoal use is cost-effective and an all-natural solution for a bright smile.

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    There are many natural remedies for many problems of health we generally face. But what is required is patience. The problem will not get cured immediately. It will take some time. But it will be a permanet solution to the problem. Our grandfathers and grandmothers told many such natural remedies to us. But we never use them as we want immediate relief and we should be normal within a few minutes. This is not possible with these remedies.
    The Garlic we use in the house is a good value item which will cure many problems.
    In my young days, I used to clean my teeth with Neem Stick. The stick is used as a brush. It is giving an excellent resullts. Your teeth will be very shinning and no foul smell from your mouth till the next day morning. You will never experience any toothache. But we stopped using it and we want brush and paste only for this.
    Lemon is an answer for many problems of cold, cough and similar problems. Taking every day a glass of water with some few drops of lemon will keep you healthy.

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    Oil Bath: -
    It is recommended to take oil bath regularly once in a month. The oil used is Gingely oil (Til ka Thel). It helps to keep our body cool and healthy. Simply apply the slightly boiled warm oil over the complete body leaving no space to spare. Wait for two hours. Take a bath in hot water. Use Sikakai powder instead of soap.

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    For Boils :
    1. Mix turmeric in gow muthram(Cow urine) and apply on the boil. It will help in curing.
    2. Mix lime juice & salt and apply on the boil.

    For Cuts :
    1. Drink water as this will help in clotting of blood.
    2. Hold the cut together and keep it pressed for 3-5 minutes. It will help.
    3. Wrap the cut with sugar, it will help in clotting fast.

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    For burns:-
    Without any thought, take honey and apply on the burnt area immediately. This is a good remedy for burn injuries. It is tested and proved.

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    For Mouth hygiene : For all mouth oral hygiene like mouth ulcer, mouth cancer, gums problem, bleeding, etc, just a simple thing.
    Mix Oil with a little turmeric powder, mix it well and brush. Do it only once in a day.

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    Home remedies are very useful and give instant relief in many problems. The elders in the family have generally knowledge of these things as received from their elders and then they pass it on to us. Some of them are time tested and even doctors advise the same. For example in sore throat gargling with saline water is very useful. It cleans the throat thoroughly and the swelling subsides. In tonsillitis also it is very effective.

    My grandmother told that if you have headache lick tamarind. I have no experience about it and if any member has please confirm it. If you are feeling exerted and feeling heat in the head just pour a tea spoon full of oil in the hairs and it will cool down the area.

    If you feel a bit of acidity just take a spoon of Ajwain with water. The acidity will subside. So home remedies are effective and in emergency are handy and easily available in the house.

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