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    Is Marriage for Age or for Understanding between the partners?

    Marriage is between a matured male and a female to lead a life on this earth. While deciding to get two persons married, age is one of the important factors that is considered essential. It is preferred that a girl should be younger to the boy. Love between the two is another factor that develops after the marriage. Many marriages have failed due to short of love and misunderstanding between the couples. There are many who loved and married without looking at their age difference. Few women have married men younger to them and lead a successful life. Many old men married younger girls and are leading a happy life. Money is one thing that compensates the age difference. Pure love is another thing that makes people to forget their age difference.

    What is your good answer to my following questions?
    Should a girl be younger to a boy to be fit for marriage?
    Can a woman marry a man younger to her?
    What should be the age difference between the couples?
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    It is a matter of choice and finding the right partner. How can we decide what the right age between a couple should be? All questions asked here have no relevance because society cannot decide whether a girl should be younger than a boy or whether a woman can marry a younger man etc. I think we should shift focus from private affairs of people to more constructive and meaningful dialogues.
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    As per the law the minimum age for marriage of a girl is 18 years and 21 years for a boy. Otherwise there is no age restriction for a marriage between a boy and girl. For a marriage the man requirement is understanding between two persons. Each person has likes and dislikes when most of it matches with our we start liking the other persons. This kind of understanding between two persons prompts them to come to a decision of marriage. We have come across cases where marriages have taken place at the age of 60 or70 years.
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    Please do not bring up the same topic which has been discussed many times in our forums. A quick use of the search tool will lead you to those discussions. In fact, you have also participated in some of them. One of the many threads was this very detailed discussion on reverse age and you will find many more similar ones.

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    Age is just a number. Both the girl and a boy should be mature enough to take up the responsibility before getting married. It doesn't matter if the girl is older than a boy or vice verse, it hardly matters. Apart from Love and affection what matters is trust and how much you respect your partner.

    These factors decide your marriage life. People who don't trust or break the trust of the partner certainly fail in marriage. One should understand that in marriage they have to compromise for the things and keep your ego aside to have a good marriage life.


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    Traditionally in many societies a younger girl is preferred and an age difference of 3-5 years is considered adequate. The reasons for this tradition are not known and logically speaking they should be of almost equal age.

    It is said that love is blind and in that case, any age combination is possible between the pair. Today women are educated, independent, earning and ambitious and they have full right to choose their life partner. Hence the traditional age pattern has changed considerably and going to change much more.

    Love comes with mutual respect, trust and faith and if these ingredients are there, age does not stand in between.

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