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    Derive happiness by helping others

    Any small act of ours, in helping others gives us happiness. Helping a blind person or an aged person to cross the Road, removing a big stone or obstacle lying on the road, removing a banana skin lying on the footpath etc. But we need to have courage to do this in public. Some people take courage and volunteer to do this and but some people avoid. When we do this kind help or service, it provides a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

    Have you all experienced such situations?
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    Many times, such help is our moral responsibility towards the society.
    -Helping senior citizens, children's or even lame to cross a road is a help to them but a social responsibility towards a society.
    -Throwing trash or waste in the bin or picking the waste and dumping it in the bin is also our social responsibility.
    -Watering a plant, feeding the animals or providing water to them also is a help which does not take too much time.

    Many small acts when done without knowing or out of our concern gives us more joy and happiness than done when forced or told by others.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    A king wanted all the families in his kingdom to bring one vessel of milk and pour in the big vessel provided at the entrance of the Mahal of Raja. One intelligent citizen thought that all will pour milk only. If I pour water also in that mix no one can recognise. He did the same. But the next day morning the whole big vessel is having only water but no milk. That means everybody thought about the same. Like this nobody is dumping waste on the cleaned roads and if I alone do that what will happen. Many people think but it is not correct. The other people also may think in the same way. Doin such small good things, it will become a good service to the Nation.
    I take tuition for some poor boys near my house free of cost. This also a service. Giving a glass of water or buttermilk to a person who came to your house in a big hot atmosphere is the best service you can do. Donating food in the afternoon or in the evening is also good service. All should do the maximum possible service to the nation

    always confident

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    A very good thought by the author. It is very true that helping is a great attribute in our life and it creates a positive energy in the space of donar as well as the receiver. Help can be of various types and it is not necessary to help in only financial ways. In fact advising a correct thing is also a help rendered to the needy.

    In some societies or communities it is prescribed to spend a part of earning for helping the poor and destitute. If everyone does like that humanity will be served in a better way.

    Knowledge is power.

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