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    Is repetition the only way to retention?

    Students generally get baffled thinkng that how many times they have to repeat their course in any class. Some will do it only once or twice while others go for multiple repetitions. It probably depends upon the grasping power and retention of the student. While some are intelligent enough to score high through single reading only but there are many who have to repeat few times to achieve the same score.

    What are the reasons for this difference and what is the optimal number of repetitions that are required for scoring respectable marks in the exam?

    Is only repetition the key to retention or there is something else responsible for it? Please share your views.
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    Many say that seven repetitions make us remember almost anything. Does that mean, a student need to repeat 7 times to get good marks, No! Every student has his own interest. His marks solely depends upon his interest. We may find that a child score more in maths but less in social science. For another, he may score more in language and science but may score less in maths. Every students has his own favorite subject and in that his score will be more. Does this say that he is weak in studies.
    We cannot compare retention with repetition. It is the same, as gauging the ability of an fish to climb a tree with that of a monkey and vice-versa. Everyone has their own taste and interest. It is time we amend the education system. We need to provide basics of all subject but a student should be able to move forward in this own interest which will help him in the future. It is like an art student asking, what is the use of sin teta or costeta, etc, as I have never used it in my life except in college., but an engineer uses it for solving problems.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    It will vary from student to student that how many repetitions he requires for retention. One can retain in few attempts while another person may have to go for more.

    Another important factor in this matter is the interest of the student and it is a fact that if he has an interest in a particular subject then he may require less repetitions. So repetition is important but it is not the sole factor for retention. Until unless we have interest in a particular subject or stream it will be difficult to retain. That is the reason why we always advise the students to go for their interest and liking and not choose an educational line arbitrarily.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I think a proper understanding of the subject may avoid many repetitions. If we can write the language on our own and we understand the essence of the story we can write our own answer for the question. We need not by heart and reproduce what we practised. Same is the case with the other subjects also. God has not given equal memory power or intelligence to all. This will vary from person to person. Some people will remember what they heard once. Some people will remember the whole episode if they write down once. Some people may have to read it many times to remember. But one should Focus on learning when they are learning. If their mind is somewhere and if they are repeating the matter here many times also, they can't remember that. Focus and concentration are very important.
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