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    New age relationship - men have to change.

    Traditionally men used to have dominance in the house. It was a unwritten rule followed by everyone. But things changed with time and today in this new age both the partners are equally important. This shift is more perceptible in upper class but others are catching up and some others will catch up soon.

    In spite of this, men have still to change their behaviour and perception about the so called weaker sex. Many men are still in the same mental frame as their ancestors were and can not accept this equality. They are time and again showing this by their sudden aggression and their underlying superiority is not letting them accept these things in their new mould.

    Do you also feel that in this new age of equality men have still to change much? Please give your opinion and comments on this.
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    Yes, there are a lot of men who have to change themselves. It's unfortunate that we speak of equality but what is practised is a kind of dominance. This is more visible where women do not have economic independence. Women in villages are still oppressed and for many of them, marriage is their ultimate concern. Since childhood, they are brought up in a way where women are treated as outsiders. Parents of these girls think that they need to marry off their daughters as soon as they turn 18 because to them they are a 'burden'. Where is the equality where girls are still treated as a burden in the family? Here many girls do not marry they are just married off. Till now girls are tortured because they are born as girls. Education and economic independence of women can solve the problem to some extent but it will take some time. As long as men are unable to treat women as fellow human beings they cannot treat them equally.

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    Yes, I think they have to change. In the past women used to stay at home and their work was just limited to household works. They used to devote most of their time in the kitchen, only men used to earn and used to dominate them whereas the time has changed now as women too are equally contributing to earn for the home so the dominance of men has reduced a bit if we compare it with the past. But there are few men who still treat women like their ancestors used to which is very bad. When things have changed they too should change and treat them equally. When the women are doing everything like men then why should they be dominated by men. They are not weak gender people should understand this. Still, in rural areas, the things have to be changed where the women are still not treated well. They are restricted to the kitchen and are not allowed to go to school which is very serious and things need to be changed before it gets too late and becomes a major hindrance in the growth of our country.

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    There is a lot of change already in our society. Especially in cities and towns, the dominance factor has gone and both will be treated equally and they share the responsibilities and authorities equally. I have seen many families in villages whose main occupation is agriculture. In these families also the male partner will struggle hard in the field and the lady will take care of the house and she will be holding the key for expenditure.
    Again the question of dominance will depend more on the individual than as a general rule. There are many families known to me where the husband will be taking the lead and trying to boss over. Similarly, I have seen many families where the lady will be the deciding factor.
    Even in many ruler areas, I have seen where the lady will be the deciding factor and the male will be following her.
    As long as the issues are on the right path and if the family is running peacefully it will not be a matter who is the boss of the house.

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